Svelte silhouette

Svelte silhouette

Cool soccer shoes shapewear, or undergarments that help slim and sculpt a figure by holding it in, has become the fastest growing category in intimate apparel for women, with lines available in most major stores, but it is also now taking off for men.

Bra and panty maker Maidenform Brands Inc. last month reported a quarterly profit nearly doubled from last year which CEO Maurice Reznik put down to innovation namely shapewear.

Reznik said Maidenform has the largest market share in shapewear and he is optimistic in the continued growth of the category as shoppers globally battle bulging waistlines.

“I’m cool soccer shoes bullish on shapewear, said Reznik.

Trend trackers have dated the rise of shapewear back to 2000 when influential US TV talk show queen Oprah Winfrey declared her enthusiasm for a brand called Spanx.

US market researcher NPD Group has estimated that the market has tripled in the past decades to be worth US$750mil (RM2.62bil) in annual sales at the end of 2008 despite some women complaining that the tight fitting garments cool soccer shoes can be hard to get on and off and can cause complications when it comes to using the bathroom.

But it is not just women using underwear to smooth out or reduce the bumps and lift sagging parts.

Men’s shapewear is changing underwear for men, with vests, Tshirts and underwear used to slim down or even to enhance parts of their physique. Some even promise to help back problems.

Will Cleare, nike mercurial 5 a father of two from Cambridge, England, was sceptical at first but tried a vest designed to give better posture nike mercurial 5 and slim down his stomach for rugby. Now he’s a convert.

“There’s just no reason why you should feel embarrassed to wear it. You can either be open about wearing it or you can get people thinking ‘Oh they’ve shaped up a bit’, that’s fine, Cleare said. Australianbased company Equmen launched men’s shapewear last January and is sold in Saks Fifth Avenue and online. The product is designed to appeal to males with means who might appreciate a product that could improve their golf swing, as well as their chances of appearing younger and fitter in a European suit.

“Using the latest high performance technologies and stateoftheart designs, our garments are engineered to optimise and energise the body, from street to sport, work to weekend, cool soccer shoes says the company’s mission statement. Initial buyers were mainly from the gay market but demand has spread to businessmen and sports figures, especially those struggling to exercise.

But some fashion experts remain uncertain about the men’s shapewear market.

“The men’s underwear market is very small so it could be a bit of a gimmick, a bit of a novelty, said Anna Santi, Drapers Fashion Journal Commissioning Editor and underwear expert.

“But at the same time, we’ve seen from a beauty point of view, we’ve seen a growth in men’s grooming products so as a consumer product it could lend itself quite well to underwear, Reuters cool soccer shoes.

Supernatural Goes Anime

Supernatural Goes Anime

Cool soccer shoes the live action series just closed out its fifth season and has been renewed for a sixth, not without some controversy, but apparently the property has been doing pretty well in Japanese eyes and Warner Bros. is looking to expand the franchise in a new way. Warner Bros. has done a few works with Japanese animators in the last few years with a collection of Matrix storylines in the Animatrix as well as the Batman anime anthology that was done. Warner Bros. also has several live action films that they’re looking at going forward with based on anime and manga properties and they handled the release cool soccer shoes of an Appleseed 3DCG anime film as well.

According to the reports, the show will be done as a twentytwo episode series and will see a home video release in Japan on 01/12/2011 with the first volume containing the first two episodes. A month later, the first box set will ship with episodes 312 and then in April, the last half of the set will be released. The show will be available on both DVD and Bluray.

This release will apparently cover the storyline from the first two seasons of the live action series while also having some new ronaldo nike cr7 original stories mixed in that will include material of the Winchester brothers’ younger days and more cool soccer shoes such as animeonly enemies and stories focusing on the supporting cast from the liveaction version. This is a weird mix of prequel and current (at least to season one) storytelling that would probably only work as anime. There were lots of fantastic side characters in the series that deserve some more screen time but it surprising that the producers have decided to focus on season one. Later in the series the brothers found themselves working from a bar full of demon hunters ran by a mother/daughter team. This set up seems custom made for anime. The Crowley character from the most recent two seasons with his invisible hellhound would also make for intriguing anime storytelling. The idea of telling a prequel story from the youth of ronaldo nike cr7 the brothers is intriguing but adding in stories from secondary characters from the brother adulthood seems a little scattershot. With that said Supernatural is a purposefully melodramatic series that could easily make the leap to another medium not often known for dramatic subtly. The possibility of demons and monsters from the Supernatural universe, and new ones too, created with virtually no budgetary limits due to the medium is extremely exciting. If there is a true fan behind this series there be at least one episode that follows the exploits of ronaldo nike cr7 a young Bobby and John Winchester killing monsters buddy cop style!

Supernatural’s creator Eric Kripke is cool soccer shoes being listed as the project creator here while Madhouse is serving as an executive producer as well. The series is being codirected by the team of Shigeyuki Miya and Atsuoko Ishizuka, both of whom have some good credits behind them and recently worked on the Aoi Bungaku series of standalone tales cool soccer shoes.