Millennium 2000

Millennium 2000

Youth girls soccer cleats the arrival of a new millennium delivers many things: new hopes, fresh beginnings, and reflections. It can also provide perspective. One topic is racism, a human drama that has never been constrained by national boundaries. For the sake of illustration, we’ll focus on a microcosm: South Africa. The country’s governmental power was once derived, in part, on racial divide. Apartheid guided decisions and set policy on the premise that blacks were second class citizens. The century ended, however, with an imprisoned leader of black indignation ascending to the once unimaginable role of president.

JONATHAN MANN, CNN ANCHOR: It would be impossible to assume, and insulting to promise, that we’ll nike magista onda do full justice to the complex history, or the implications, of apartheid in this hour.

ALLEN: What we can provide is perspective, thanks to our youth girls soccer cleats guests. They stood on opposite sides of the racial chasm, but together helped reconcile that great divide. Archbishop Desmond Tutu won the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize for his work against apartheid. He’s in Massachusetts. And Pik Botha served as minister of affairs for 17 years, and later served in the cabinet of Nelson Mandela. He is in Johannesburg. And we thank you both for being with us. Archbishop Tutu, at the height of apartheid, what did you feel toward whites? ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER: Many times when I got quite angry, angry because you could be made to feel so small. When you’re walking with your kid and she saw our children on, say, swings, and she’d say, Daddy, I want to go on those swings, and you died many times inside because you said to your child, no, darling, you can’t go. And she’d say, but why? And it was only because she was of a youth girls soccer cleats different color that she couldn’t go and play with other children. It was those small things that eroded your personal and filled you with an incredible kind of sense of inadequacy. That was the awfulness of it.

ALLEN: Mr. Botha, same question for you. At the height of apartheid, what did you feel toward blacks?

PIK BOTHA, FMR. S. AFRICAN FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER: Certainly, all my life I considered them to be fellow creatures of God. Different, yes, in the sense that historically we belonged to different ethnic groups, and I certainly felt that exactly what Archbishop Tutu just said, that there were severe inequalities, which you murdered, oppressed and dominated the black people throughout this country. When the greed (ph) of holding ethnicity into such a statute where blacks could be their own prime ministers, (OFF MIKE)

ALLEN: Mr. Botha we’re having some audio difficulties. We’re going to work on that and get back to our conversation in a moment.

Well, as destructive as hate can be, it can be equally powerful.

MANN: It can motivate armies, divide enemies, even, as the world saw in Nazi Germany, unify nations.

BRUCE BURKHARDT, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): So what is it about us human beings that so often causes us to believe that another who looks different than us is either is inferior or to be feared, even eradicated. No part of the globe is immune. Why did the Chinese once believe that the white man was descended from monkeys.

MOSES: The Japanese and Chinese were appalled. The Europeans didn’t bathe, and they smelled. Well, the easiest way to do that is to find a group of people who are readily identifiable.

BURKHARDT: And why did the Nazis arrive at their final solution, resulting in the slaughter of millions of Jews?

GEORGE FREDRICKSON, STANFORD UNIVERSITY: That’s probably the most hideous example of racism in nike magista onda world history is the Holocaust and the extermination of six million Jews because nike magista onda of their what was thought to be their inherently evil nature that they carried in their physically, from generation to generation.

BURKHARDT (on camera): And why? One hundred and thirty seven years after Abraham Lincoln emancipated the slaves, 37 years after Martin Luther King stood here on these very steps and delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech, why does the union that Lincoln fought so hard to save still struggle with issues youth girls soccer cleats of race? All the more perplexing, since scientifically speaking there is no such thing as race youth girls soccer cleats.