The 13 Nerdiest Clothing And Accessories

The 13 Nerdiest Clothing And Accessories

Nike hypervenom cost whether you’re a mega techie, a gamer geek, or anything in between, there’s absolutely no shame in showing off your love for your nerdy obsession of choice.

In fact, there are plenty of ways you can geek yourself out without going too overboard. For fashionforward Fibonacci lovers, for example, former Project Runway contestant Diana Eng offers a beautiful 100% New Zealand Merino wool scarf knit using the Fibonacci sequence. And gamers going out for a night on the town can always dress up their getups with subtle Super Nintendo GoldenEye 007 game cartridge cufflinks.

To check out superfly 2017 more awesomely nerdy clothing pieces and accessories, flip through the slideshow below! Then, have a look at our slideshow of geeky bikinis and dorky sweaters. We can’t wait to see what you’ve found.

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Today’s technology makes it possible to link your clothes to an online destination. Geeky or not, QR Codes are no longer just for marketers.

QR code shirts can also serve very practical purposes and are great for schools, children’s field trips, events and sports nike hypervenom cost teams. They can also be used for identification and emergency contact info in case nike hypervenom cost any little ones get lost. Geeky stuff that’s cool AND practical!

Not to be a spoilsport, but most of us real geeks were picked on pretty heavily in high school, and as adults we tend to be quiet, studious, and seriousminded. We don’t tend to wear things that make us stand out in a crowd or attract attention, and we don’t tend to be nike hypervenom cost whimsical at work.

Here’s what real, live IT geeks wear:

practical shoes. Often hiking or work boots. Anything superfly 2017 comfortable. Sport sandals in summer, if your boss is laid back.

Slacks, although utility trousers are becoming much more popular. The more pockets for electronics, the better. But they look like normal slacks to the observer. No camouflage! No weird colors! And they have to be in good repair.

A buttondown shirt or a Polo shirt. No logos. It’s all about “Business Casual, Subdued colors. Nothing loud or ugly.

Simple, practical, business casual and very ordinary. You walk into any software engineering department in the Northeast and this is what you’ll see. Our desks are very neat, too. Rows of pencils, all lined up. Tech books on the shelves.

You know who wears all the TShirts with geek sayings on them? People who are NOT geeks, who want to pretend to BE geeks and think this is how geeks dress. I’m guessing they get most of their ideas from television. Picture any generic hacker character from TV or the movies, and what pops into your mind’s eye? “Geeky” Tshirts. You know what I mean nike hypervenom cost superfly 2017.