Longterm Avocado Storage

Longterm Avocado Storage

Youth nike hypervenom as a born and raised Californian, I have a hard time not incorporating avocados into every meal and snack but they are one of the more expensive fruits you can buy, especially in colder climate states. There are certain times of the year when avocados go on sale and I usually buy a multitude of them. Even though I can eat them nonstop, I still end up with some becoming over ripe in the process. I was looking for a way to store the avocados soccer cleats on sale longterm so that I could really stock up and enjoy them longer, so I created this Instructable to share two methods I have found.

You’ll want to preserve avocados at the peak of their ripeness to maintain your avocado’s fresh flavor. I have found this to be especially important since it is nearly impossible to preserve the texture. To identify a ripe avocado, hold the avocado in your palm with your thumb on the stem. Roll soccer cleats on sale your thumb on the stem away from the fruit. If the stem rolls off and away from the fruit easily and reveals a bright green patch then your avocado is ripe! If the stem rolls off easily but reveals a gray or dark patch of the avocado flesh, your avocado youth nike hypervenom is over ripe and not an ideal candidate soccer cleats on sale for storing longterm.

A spray youth nike hypervenom of lemon juice.

Freeze them and then vacuum pack.

Still very good a year later. Did it to prove a point.

Further to vac pac avocado: Before defrosting, remove frozen avocado from vac bag. Rinse vac bag and dry. Bag can be used several times as it gets smaller and smaller. Bag used twice reduces cost of bag to half. Used four times cost of a $1.00 bag is now $.25 depending on your dedication to saving a penny. Another anti oxidization agent I use is a light spray of common peroxide rather than lemon or lime juice. A small bottle, diluted 1 10 and sprayed as with lemon juice. Much more effective than citrus juices.

Again to prove that it could be done, I used the peroxide spray on romaine lettuce and found it will keep up to three months with a bit youth nike hypervenom of judicious trimming, rinsing and respraying. Only using a simple burper vac container.

I wonder how many $$$ I saved over the last 10 or so years?

This part of the country a head of romaine can cost up to $4.00 in the off season and not a great deal less the rest of the year.

No, that would not work. It an oxidation reaction, like rust on steel, but obviously far quicker. Enzymes are not involved, just oxygen from the air and the avocado. Low pH from lon etc will delay reaction.

I found that for some reason lime juice works better than lemon. Plus the guacamole is even more amazing. : )

Hello, all. I haven tried this, but Ma says it works. When you what to store your avos w/out them turning, Ma says to put the pit in the container w/ the avo.

Also, haven tried this one either, avos being somewhat expensive here, but smooth off the top of your guac/mashed avo gently run/pour a thin layer of water over it to seal out the air.

I SO envy you having been able to purchase 2 avos for $2. I guess one has to reside in a tropical climate to obtain like that. For me on the southern coast of South Eastern Australia a rare special price would be $2 for 1 avo. Have learned here about freezing them. Never knew it to be possible. sewcraftyme

In Denmark it not uncommon to pay $4 for 3 avocados :/

i live in new york state. if aldi stores are international, go there for great prices.

Thanks for a great tip on preserving avos. We live in an area of old avocado groves, so everyone has at least a few huge 80 year old trees in their yard. When they all come in at once, its nearly impossible to keep up with the harvest. Many bags of avos mysteriously appear on doorsteps as everyone tries to get rid of their excess and not to waste the ones they can eat. You CAN get sick of avos morning, noon and night! Now I know what to do with excess and will pass the word in the neighborhood. I lived here for many, many years and have never hear this tip!

ha ha ha! we do that here with zucchini,

i have traditionally used the exposed flesh with lemon juice method, with ok but not great success. I recently teied a new method which seemed to provide better color protection. Squeeze hal a lemon over a paper towel (I used a 6 section) and wrap it around the cut avocado, put in a zip top back amd refrigerate. The results were superior to the previous method youth nike hypervenom.