The fashion industry falling victim to the internet vogue

The fashion industry falling victim to the internet vogue

Soccer cleats nike hypervenom boys indoor soccer shoes andrew ROBERTSON, REPORTER: Ticky, working for The Business can be really tough boys indoor soccer shoes at times and today is one of those days. Lots of beautiful people in beautiful dresses, where else would you rather be?

It’s Australia’s fashion week of weeks where designers vie for the attention of national and international buyers, where models prepare for a walk down the runway which could make or break careers.

Unlike these fresh faces though, much of the industry isn’t looking good.

ALEX PERRY, FASHION DESIGNER: What we were doing five years ago doesn’t work so well anymore. We’ve, you know, we’ve got like, major groups that come in and selling wellpriced fashion at incredible prices. There’s people shopping online, that whole internet, you know, model of shopping has changed the landscape.

ANDREW ROBERTSON: Around 50 designers are strutting their stuff, hoping to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales. But off the cat walk in a wider fashion world, revenue is predicted to fall another 2 per cent this year to just over $12 billion, the 6th consecutive year of decline.

NAREN SIVASAILEM, IBIS WORLD RESEARCH ANALYST: Consumers have prioritised savings and debt repayments in lieu of unnecessary expenditure, soccer cleats nike hypervenom if you will, in which fashion fits squarely into.

ANDREW ROBERTSON: While highend designers such as Alex Perry continue to thrive, it’s the middle of the fashion market being hammered.

NAREN SIVASAILEM: The likes of longterm Australian mainstay is really the likes of Premier Investments group that own Jay Jays, Just Jeans, Portmans, have struggled with a number of store closures last year.

Aussie icon Billabong has seen a number of story closures. In addition to likes of RM Williams that are looking to potentially sell their business due to lacklustre sales.

ANDREW ROBERTSON: In fact IBISWorld said nearly 600 fashion and footwear shops closed their doors in 2012.

ANDREW ROBERTSON: For online fashion market Jasu, part of that innovation is to join forces with Fashion Week to sponsor the first internet streaming of Fashion Week events. The aim is to get early feedback on whose designs are most popular.

NICK KENYON: The partnership with IMG is all about promoting Australian fashion and promoting the brands that we work with directly to a consumer that otherwise wouldn’t have access to that.

ANDREW ROBERTSON: It’s an approach Alex Perry agrees with. He said the fashion industry needs to get closer to its customers.

ALEX PERRY: That old fashion mentality of like being a dictator is like, you know, “you will wear this length, It doesn’t wash anymore. I think as a designer you’ve got to be focused on women, like “what do you want to wear? How do you want to wear it? How do you want to buy it, so let me give soccer cleats nike hypervenom it to you,

ANDREW ROBERTSON: Which is why designers at Fashion Week are hoping a good bottom line on the cat walk boys indoor soccer shoes will transfer to an even better bottom line on the boys indoor soccer shoes balance sheet boys indoor soccer shoes.