SOLVED Local Only connection moved from Vista

SOLVED Local Only connection moved from Vista

Nike magista boots ga311 will only create a “local only, “unidentified network” connection. However, existing hardmount ethernet adapter continues to have full access to the internet, by simply nike magista boots taking the ethernet cord out of the GA311, and into the old adapter.

ONLY the GA311 adapters are blocked from the internet, on both computers.

This entire ordeal nike magista boots started because a wireless router (hooked to a different ethernet cord in a central part of the house) was giving sporadic access to wireless devices, even a Wii that was one foot away would only connect sporadically. None of the hardwired computers were connected through this router. I was going to replace this unit, nike soccer high tops and decided to upgrade the entire hardwire system.

Strange thing tonight, though. While configuring the new wireless router, the GA311 came online and allows access to the internet, but ONLY if the router remains in between this computer and the wall outlet. After configuring the wireless router, I planned to move it back to where the old unit was. But, after hooking the computer to the ethernet cord, but not through the router, the adapter again returns to creating its “local only” connection again.

Reinserting the router only brought the new adapter back online after after disabling and enabling it again.

Is there something in these adapters that says that they MUST be connected AFTER a router of some fashion? I have never needed this before?

Yes. 3 desktops could connect to the internet, through the ethernet switch, directly to the cable modem. But, only using the old internal ethernet connection.

Never directly through the new ethernet pci card.

However, 2 laptops will NOT connect directly. Long working internet connections are dropping like flies.

This morning, one hardwired desktop “XP” lost the ability to connect through the internet completely. Does not matter which ethernet connection I hook to. All connections show as local only and “unidentifid network”

When I moved the wireless modem to be the first thing out of the cable modem, it does seem that I can get all computers connected to the internet, but the router has only 4 ethernet ports.

What is strange, is that the network connection for “XP” now shows a dual network. A local connection, and an internet connection. It appears that the computer thinks there is an internet sharing computer between it an the internet. But that is not the case. And only this “XP” computer shows nike magista boots such. Other computers do not.

The problem is that if I put everything back the way it was before attempting to replace the defective wireless router, I have lost the ability nike soccer high tops to get most of the computers back onto the internet. And note that the defective router was wired to an ethernet connection, but had NO computers or ethernet connections coming out. Just the wirelss and nothing else. Original configuration was: cable modem to 8 port ethernet switch to computers A, B, C and wireless modem(nothing else hooked to wireless modem) nike magista boots.