Poland is leading the way for England’s schools

Poland is leading the way for England’s schools

Nike youth soccer cleats nike Mercurial Superfly the Coalition’s school reforms have been inspired by Poland, the Education Secretary has said after new figures suggested that immigrant children are outperforming poor British pupils.

Nicky Morgan disclosed that the renewed focus on core academic subjects for all children has been influenced by the approach in Poland, which has jumped up international rankings in the past decade.

A separate report published last year suggested that cities with large numbers of immigrant children produce better GCSE results than the rest of the country because pupils work harder.

Highlighting the Coalition’s reforms in a speech in London yesterday, Mrs Morgan said: “As exam results in England soared ever higher, our international performance was stagnating, with other countries overtaking us in rankings like the PISA survey.

“We knew we needed to make urgent changes and looked to the world leading education systems for inspiration. We saw that they shared some key features: high levels of autonomy, accountability and aspiration as well as a strong focus on teacher quality.

“We saw that the results of countries like Germany and Poland had improved massively following moves to ensure that all their pupils studied core academic subjects, regardless of whether they went on to an academic or vocational path,

Poland has overhauled its education system over the past decade and gone from being below average in the OECD group of economies to being among the top 10 nations for reading and Nike Mercurial Superfly science, and top 15 for maths. Pupils attain nike youth soccer cleats higher scores on international tests than Britain in both reading and maths.

Under the reforms in Poland, pupils spend more time studying core subjects and vocational study has been delayed until they are 16.

The Coalition echoed the changes in new national curriculum announced last year which has a greater focus on core subjects and more exacting standards.

One education source said: “Polish parents who come to the UK say they cannot believe how easy the national curriculum is compared to what they are used to,

According to the OECD, the performance of Britain’s schools failed to improve significantly between 2000 and 2012.

The report found that overall UK is nike youth soccer cleats ranked just 26th out of 63 nations for its performance in maths as it lags behind countries in the Far East.

Andreas Schleicer, the OECD director of education and skills, said: “The UK has pretty much been flat in terms of learning outcomes at least until 2012, despite a very significant increase in spending.

“Spending on reducing class sizes is not a Nike Mercurial Superfly very promising way to invest on better outcomes. The best education systems have put their money squarely on the quality of teaching. ”

He said that the UK should be doing much more to check what difference education reforms make to children’s lives.

Around the world, trillions of dollars are spent on education policies, but just one in 10 are actually evaluated, according to new research by the Organisation for Economic Co operation Nike Mercurial Superfly and Development (OECD).

The OECD’s research also warns that the UK has some policies such as grouping pupils by ability in class, and giving families choice over schools, that could “hinder equity” meaning they may not help to create an equal school system for all pupils Nike Mercurial Superfly.

Palm oil proving unhealthy for people

Palm oil proving unhealthy for people

Soccer cleats mens what’s so wrong with palm oil, from the palm trees that bear fruit, not coconuts?

Well, if you listen to environmentalists and animal rights advocates along with nutrition soccer cleats mens and health experts, they’ll tell you it’s something close to poison.

Once the United States and other Western countries began condemning and banning trans fat oils a few years ago, palm oil became a popular substitute. You can find it in shampoo, lipstick, soap and a host of snack and other foods, including some ketchups, margarine, chewing gum, candy bars and cooking oil.

Oil palm trees, as they’re called, are grown primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia, and that’s where the problems begin. To create oil palm farms, the two states have cleared millions of acres of tropical forest. In all of the 1980s, Indonesia cleared 674,000 acres, but by 2009 the total had reached 18 million. The two states, together, have clear cut an area roughly the size of Denmark, an environmental journal reported all to plant oil palm plantations. And they say they plan to double that acreage in the years ahead.

Well, that alone enraged both environmentalists and animal rights activists. After all, trees are important air quality filters. Photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen. But when you cut down a tree, nearly all of that stored carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere.

When you cut down millions of trees, as Indonesia and Malaysia have in recent years for oil palm plantations, the plantations are “projected to contribute more than 558 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere” by 2020 exacerbating the world’s climate Nike Mercurial Superfly change conundrum, a study reported.

But what about the animals and indigenous people who lived in these former forests? Animal rights advocates are publicizing strident declarations about the possible pending extinction of the orangutan, 80 percent of which live in Indonesia. Only an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 are left.

“What we see is a contest between orangutans and palm oil for home, Sri Suci Utami Atmoko of Jakarta’s told Thailand’s Nation newspaper.

To make this point, Greenpeace created a grotesque online advertisement showing an office worker sitting at his desk, opening a Kit Kat candy bar. Instead of pulling out a bar of chocolate, he finds a hairy orangutan finger. Trans fats are dangerous food additives that lead to coronary artery disease, numerous studies have shown. Palm oil is not a trans fat, but it is 40 percent to 50 percent saturated fat, another unhealthy substance. The warned recently that “palm oil is not a healthy substitute for trans fats” because a government study showed that the saturated fatty acids found in palm oil “are associated with elevated heart disease risk factors, The World Health Organization came soccer cleats mens to a similar conclusion.

But most products simply list their palm oil as “vegetable oil, so customers have no idea what they’re eating. Some countries are trying to change that and require palm oil to be described as what it actually is.

Decrying the many complaints about palm oil, an organization called the is staging loud, public campaigns against Smucker’s, Heinz, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, Campbell Soup, and Mars and Hershey candies, among other food companies. The organization says the campaign is intended to remove what it calls “conflict palm oil” from “America’s snack foods,

Some companies are already listening. Unilever, a British company that manufactures soap, shampoo and margarine using palm oil, announced last month that it intends to Nike Mercurial Superfly trace the source Nike Mercurial Superfly for all its palm oil by the end of 2014. The company is said to be working to ensure that its oil comes from so called “sustainable” sources. Procter Gamble and Nestle have made similar promises.

And Saetre, a Norwegian biscuit maker, says it has stopped using palm oil in its Digestive and Marie biscuits because of the associated environmental problems. It’s using sunflower seed oil instead.

Trans fat was bad enough. But to replace it with a product that produces such manifold health, environmental and other problems is a crime. The industry’s largest trade group acknowledged last month that “the palm oil industry has suffered from a bad reputation” and promised to find ways to soccer cleats mens reform soccer cleats mens.

Lucinda Williams at the Dakota Jazz Club

Lucinda Williams at the Dakota Jazz Club

Nike venom “this was inspired by a little road romance back in 1992, said Williams comfortably, with a speaking voice that doesn’t particularly promise great singing. “The guy was playing in the band. He said, ‘Let’s not move too fast, let’s get off this metal firecracker.’ Of course, once we got off [the bus], things kind of fizzled out. Isn’t that always how it works,

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Slideshow: Lucinda Williams at the Dakota, 2/4/13Indeed, Williams had no short supply of history as she ran through her 90 minute nike venom plus set, taking time with every song to discuss where it came from. Aided on stage with nothing but her own guitar and her faithful, highly talented guitarist, Doug Pettibone as well as an inches thick binder of material Williams spoke to the audience as if she knew each member quite well. Perhaps it was that Monday night was her third night in the course of her five night run at the Dakota and Williams was comfortable there, but whatever the case, nike venom the crowd seemed to benefit from her tales.

“Doug said, ‘Will this work without a full band?'” recounted Williams of her first plans for these stripped down shows at the Dakota. “I said, ‘Honey, it’ll just go back to how it started.’ These are very simple songs. if you can’t do a song without a full band, then it’s probably not a very good song,

Williams started the night off with a tentative, her voice sounding a little unsure though, of course, a voice like Lucinda’s is about character rather than beauty. By the time nike venom she came to her second song, “Happy Woman Blues, it seemed whatever uneasiness had been washed from her throat, and her set only grew stronger with each song. “Blue” was given a touching, heartbreaking treatment, while “Reason to Cry” saw Williams hitting her stride, with help on the fiddle from opening supporter Lillie Mae Rische and Pettibone striking chords like they were a wake up call. From there, it was a perfect blend of classic Williams tunes, a couple newer songs, and a few covers. If Williams’ voice needed a song to warm up, no matter by the end of evening, she was inescapably in charge.

Williams has the kind of voice that sounds like something you’d uncover at the bottom of a tumbler rough and unapologetic, hardened with truth. There couldn’t have Nike Mercurial Superfly been a more fitting song for her to end the night with Nike Mercurial Superfly Williams’ songs might be enough absolution themselves.

Critic’s bias: I had rather high expectations, Lucinda Williams being who she is and all, and thankfully, she didn’t disappoint.

The crowd: Not really very young, but sold out and everyone very much a fan of Williams’.

Overheard in the crowd: “She’s funny, remarked someone after one of Williams’ early quips.

Random notebook dump: Williams had two openers: a simple set from local favorite Ben Kyle, and a nice performance from the Kenneth Brian Band, an Alabama based duo that fared well with acoustic country though they might have been better suited to the Turf Club rather than the Dakota nike venom Nike Mercurial Superfly.

Love of bicycling rolls on unabated

Love of bicycling rolls on unabated

Nike venom politifact New YorkTV and MediaWeatherEditorialsLetters to the EditorAdam ZyglisStateGerontologists talk about “aging in place, the decision by senior citizens to stay in their homes as their needs change, instead of moving to a warmer climate, a retirement home or a nursing home. For me, the goal is “aging on my bicycle,I have been riding a bike since my first summer job after high school. I have cycled in California, in the Midwest and in Buffalo; on side streets, on bike lanes and in traffic.In nike venom 50 plus years, my bike has never been stolen and I have never been seriously hurt or injured while riding.I have used my bike not just to get to nike venom work, but to shop for groceries and to attend public meetings, cultural events and parties.There is nothing like it. I don’t need to fill my tank or search for a parking spot. I am not tied down to the schedules or routes of Metro bus and rail. Most important, perhaps, is the nike venom incomparable feeling of strength and control when I power a trip with my own muscles and bones.Now, five years into retirement, I am facing a major birthday. I thought I might celebrate by buying myself a new bike. I don’t really need a new bike; my current bike is old but it works just fine.My only reason for wanting a new one (aside from the celebratory imperative) is that my old bike is too heavy to lift onto the new bike racks on the Metro buses. With a lighter bike, I could venture out on cloudy days knowing that I would have the bus as an option to get home if the weather turned nasty.As I considered this new treat, I started to have my doubts. I wondered if the investment would pay off. I bought my current bike 35 years ago and paid the equivalent of one month’s rent. Would I be riding the next one for 35 years?I also wondered, is it still appropriate to pedal the streets of Buffalo at my age, or is it just too weird?I might not Nike Mercurial Superfly feel this way if I were living in China or Denmark, where I imagine there would be plenty of older cyclists and I would blend in better. In fact, I found a study showing significantly higher rates of cycling by the elderly in the Netherlands and Germany, compared to here at home.Since I do not plan to emigrate, I turned to more proximate role models. There is the 80 plus couple who just bought more comfortable bikes. There is my Nike Mercurial Superfly over 55 former co worker, who told of getting together with a group of cousins to ride around the city on Sunday afternoons. There is the gray haired guy who often parks his bike at the gym entrance. There is my 70 something friend who rides his bike to shop for groceries and to get to tai chi classes. If they can do it, why can’t I?In the end, I decided not to worry about cost effectiveness or age appropriateness. I need a different metric. Every year on the bike is a victory over the aging process, and even a few years of weatherproof riding will give me a wonderful nonmonetary payoff nike venom Nike Mercurial Superfly.

mocratie en 2014

mocratie en 2014

Adidas kids soccer cleats les Scandinaves ont des charges fiscales plus leves qu’au Qubec et, pourtant, ils sont plus riches et moins ingalitaires. Le modle social dmocrate fonctionne bien en Sude et au Danemark notamment, un modle qu’a choisi aussi le Qubec, mais qui connat aujourd’hui des rats.

Dans un livre trs instructif, Social dmocratie2.0, publi aux Presses de l’Universit de Montral, les professeurs Stphane Paquin et Pier Luc Lvesque expliquent ce que le Qubec devrait faire pour amliorer son modle social dmocrate et rejoindre le niveau de vie des Scandinaves. Les rformes voques sont majeures. Elles ncessitent une forte volont politique, mais aussi une meilleure cohsion et solidarit sociale.

Le taux de syndicalisation en Sude, en Finlande et au Danemark est de 70%, alors qu’il est de 40% au Qubec, de 17% en moyenne dans les pays de l’OCDE;

Le pays dvelopp dont les taxes sont les plus leves du monde en fonction de la taille de son conomie est le Danemark, soit 48% du PIB. C’est 38% du PIB au Qubec, 31% pour le Canada;

Frais de scolarit? Nuls dans les pays scandinaves, alors que le Qubec a les frais les plus bas au Canada.

Donc, selon Stphane Paquin, les pays scandinaves ont fait la dmonstration sans quivoque qu’il est possible d’avoir une main d’uvre trs syndique, un tat qui taxe beaucoup et de trs gnreux programmes sociaux, ainsi que des dpenses publiques leves, tout en connaissant une croissance conomique suprieure celle des pays nolibraux comme adidas kids soccer cleats les tats Unis ou le Canada. Et ce, tout en maintenant des niveaux d’galits sociales ingals dans le monde. Les chercheurs Bo Rothstein et Sven Steinmo crivent que les tats providence sociaux dmocrates sont remarquablement pro march Ils combinent donc une attitude positive l’gard du libre change et de la libre entreprise avec le constat qu’une conomie de march efficace doit galement tre encadre par certaines rgulations publiques.

Ils ajoutent que les programmes universels semblent plus en mesure d’assurer une redistribution de la richesse que les systmes d’aide cible que l’on trouve dans de nombreux pays. Ils affirment aussi que pour que le projet social dmocrate soit viable, il est essentiel de adidas kids soccer cleats conserver un tat providence gnral et de ne pas adapter de politiques pour les plus vulnrables.

Sur ce point, le fiscaliste Luc Godbout, qui dirige en ce moment un comit de rvision de la fiscalit au Qubec, explique, avec Suzie St Cerny, que le Qubec utilise moins la taxe la consommation que les pays scandinaves. Et il pose la question: Se pourrait il que [] les pays scandinaves structurent leur fiscalit de manire plus intelligente? Il ajoute que les pays adidas kids soccer cleats scandinaves appliquent des taux d’imposition sur les profits des socits plus faibles que le Qubec et que la moyenne des pays de l’OCDE et qu’ils imposent moins les dividendes que le Qubec.

Il prend la Sude en exemple en affirmant que le pays articule sa politique fiscale en tenant compte du faire que surtaxer le profit, l’investissement et l’accumulation de capital n’est pas une bonne manire de favoriser la cration d’emploi et de richesse [] La fiscalit sudoise intgre le fait qu’ultimement ce sont les individus qui supportent le poids de la fiscalit. Ainsi donc, elle met davantage contribution les individus les plus susceptibles de profiter des services publics ou des programmes sociaux.

Les nike mercurial superfly Qubcois veulent ils bonifier leur modle en s’inspirant du succs scandinave? Ou en ont ils soup de l’universalit des programmes et des charges fiscales leves? Qu’en pensez vous adidas kids soccer cleats nike mercurial superfly.