PM meeting Nissan boss amid fears over company’s future in UK after Brexit vote

PM meeting Nissan boss amid fears over company’s future in UK after Brexit vote

Size 14 soccer cleats nike mercurial cr7 prime Minister Theresa May is meeting the boss of car giant Nissan amid fears over the Japanese company’s future nike mercurial cr7 in Britain following the Brexit vote.

Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn has suggested the company will halt new investment in its plant in Sunderland unless it can agree a compensation deal with the Government for any adverse financial impact from the UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU.

Keeping Nissan in the UK is regarded as vital to Mrs May’s hopes for a successful Brexit, and it is thought that size 14 soccer cleats she will use Friday’s Downing Street meeting to explore what assurances the company is seeking.

The Sunderland plant, which has been active since 1986, employs almost 7,000 people producing around 500,000 Juke, Qashqai and Leaf motors a year about a third of the UK’s total car manufacturing.

Nissan is part owned by French manufacturer Renault, raising concerns that production could be moved to France to avoid any tariffs which could be introduced on size 14 soccer cleats exports to the EU if the UK leaves the single market in a so called “hard Brexit,

Speaking at the Paris Motor Show in August, Mr Ghosn said that “important investment decisions will not be made in the dark,

He said: “If I need to make an investment in the next few months and I can’t wait until the end of Brexit, then I have to make a deal with the UK Government.

“You can have commitments of compensation in case you have something negative. If there are tax barriers being established on cars, you have to have a commitment for car makers who export to Europe that there is some kind of compensation,

Downing Street declined to size 14 soccer cleats discuss Mrs May’s meeting, saying: “The Prime Minister meets with a range of business leaders all the time,

In the June 23 referendum, the nike mercurial cr7 people of Sunderland voted to leave the European Union, with 61% backing the Out campaign.

Mr Ghosn did not speak to reporters as he arrived for the talks.

The Nissan chief was driven into Downing Street in a black Qashqai, a model made nike mercurial cr7 at the firm’s Sunderland plant.

Mrs May was also meeting Britain’s ambassadors to the other 27 EU member states to discuss their assessment of the individual countries’ attitudes to Brexit.

The PM decided to take the unusual step of attending an annual gathering of the ambassadors at the Foreign Office in London.

She was expected to set out her commitment to build strong post Brexit relationships with each of the countries and tell the ambassadors that she intends to hold bilateral talks with each of the 27 heads of government by the time of the European Council summit in December.

Since taking office, Mrs May has already visited eight EU states France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain as well as hosting the leaders of Ireland and Cyprus at 10 Downing Street and speaking with the PMs of Luxembourg and Malta at the United Nations in New York. This leaves 15 leaders to meet in the eight weeks before the December 15 summit.

Mrs May’s official spokeswoman said she hoped to hear from ambassadors which industrial sectors in individual EU states have the biggest stake in the UK economy nike mercurial cr7.