The bride in you

 The bride in you

Nike magista obra euro 2017 the bridal season is on and the potential brides are already fixing appointments for their bridal makeups. A few look forward to it whereas there are those who think it is a longdrawn affair. Latha Verghis of Page 3 says, are patient but some get restless and tense. So, we run a trial session first, so that they can tell us their preferences beforehand. A bridal make over can take anything upwards of an hour. Here is how a bridal makeup session works.Nike-Time-To-Shine-Pack

Beautician Angela cleans the face of the model, Rupa Lodaya. The kajal marks are wiped off and whatever little makeup there nike magista obra euro 2017 is on her face is removed. Once the skin is clean, the nike womens soccer cleats first layer of the foundation is applied. At this stage, the unequal skin tones on the fore heads and cheeks are evened out. Now comes the vital part the eye makeup. colour of her sari is maroon and it has a thick gold border. So, I will apply a blend nike womens soccer cleats of gold and maroon eyeshadow and also a black eyeshadow for a smoky effect, explains Angela. After she does that, Angela sprinkles some golden gilt over the upper lids. This is done so that the eyes are prominent even from a distance.

make up on the lower part of the eye should always be light. That gives the bride a young look. So, the lines are lightly drawn using cake eyeliner first and then a liquid eyeliner on top of it. As a finishing touch to the pair of golden eyes, Angela attaches the long and curling artificial eyelashes to the eyelids.

Now comes the rest of the face. She mixes foundation cream with moisturizer. moisturiser is to prevent the make up from cracking. Next, the fixing powder is applied that gives the face, a fresh look.

we need to cut her nose, announces Angela. It is not scary as it sounds. It is an inhouse term for shaping the nose. By applying an extra layer of light foundation the nose is made to look sharper. Angela applies a nike magista obra euro 2017 layer of powder on the nose with a deft stroke of the brush. A dash of rose powder is applied on the cheeks.Tiempo-Legend-Time-To-Shine

her lips are small, we will apply a thick layer of lipstick she says. A dark shade of red lipstick and lip gloss completes the make up. The bride face is all ready now and now it is time to drape the sari. Once that is done, Angela is all set for her hair do. Jagadish the hair stylist enters the room. He turns her face from the left to right and studies her face for some time. Finally he gives nike magista obra euro 2017 the verdict, her face is oval we go for a side fringe. Along with a few curls. After the fringes and curls are done, the rest of the hair is put up using a sausage clip. Then it is tied into a knot to which the artificial hair is attached. So, with a chutti and a few curls framing her face, Rupa has transformed into the perfect South Indian bride. Asked whether the one and a half hour long session tired her out, she said she even took a nap in the middle of it! it was worth it. Angela has made me look beautiful. I like how she added that blush to my cheeks. It makes my face look younger and sharper nike magista obra euro 2017 nike womens soccer cleats.