Toys for girls and boys

Toys for girls and boys

Nike kids jr hypervenom nothing has awakened my sense nike kids jr hypervenom of feminism like having a little girl. And nothing gets my sense of feminism more annoyed than when we go toyshopping.

As a society, we’re supposed to embrace equality between men and women; we work to recognize gender should not matter. But step into the kids’ section of a department chain or a specialty toyshop and it’s easy to see some things are meant only for boys and others for girls.

I get that there are fundamental differences between many boys and girls, but I also understand a lot of this comes down not to genetic makeup, but the social roles we continually reinforce. Boys enact battles with action figures and weaponry; girls serve fake plastic food and nurture dollies. My kid is part of a growing number that does both.

We were recently in a store with L, our almostthreeyearold. Like so many shops, its toy section was segregated into the blue/pink binary. Boys got Star Wars, Superman and sports, while the girls had ironing boards, vacuum cleaners and tea sets. In other words, half our kids get to pretend they’re heroes while the other half prepare for domestic duties.

L doesn’t see this, of course. She doesn’t know someone somewhere decided dinosaurs, robots and train sets were for boys, because magista original she has all these things at home. She also doesn’t know some of her shirts are technically maleintended because too much toddlergirl fashion is wrapped up in ugly princesswear and puppies. (When it comes to L’s choice of patterns and images on beachwear, turtles and sharks trump haircombing mermaids.)

We nike kids jr hypervenom went to the Lego store last week, in search of a penguin to perch atop the giant Duplo towers built in our living room. For the most part, “normal” Lego is marketed toward boys. I’m guessing the rationale is construction is traditionally a maledominated field, but Lego is also architecture, interior design and sculpture there’s no reason one gender should be more into it than the magista original other.

Still, when you’re in a Lego store, it’s easy to spot the girl sets they’re ghettoized in a small section, with blocks in various shade of purple, pink and pastels, along with princesses and more svelte figurines. For now, L bypasses them and heads straight for the zoo collection, but if she wants to build fuchsia pet salons one day, we won’t stand in her way.

Encouraging L to look beyond traditional girl toys is about opening new doors, not closing old ones. She still wears pink, flowery hats, and she carries around an assortment of infant dolls. I also spent last weekend painstakingly assembling a kitchen for her birthday. My wife and I just want L to know it’s okay that she also likes to pet spiders, proudly show off bruises, get muddy and pretend she’s a big, scary nike kids jr hypervenom crocodile.

We want L to make her own funtime choices before TV commercials and classmates start dictating what she can and can’t do. Like, the other night, I was drinking a canesugar cola; L asked for a try, but we told her pop wasn’t for little ones nike kids jr hypervenom.

Toyota Racing Development tries to solve engine woes that have overshadowed successes

Toyota Racing Development tries to solve engine woes that have overshadowed successes

Nike kids jr hypervenom long soccer shoes on sale POND, Pa. Toyota Racing Development has had the kind of success most manufacturers would love to boast about in the Sprint Cup garage.

Five wins and eight poles in the first 13 races should have TRD riding high. Instead, a few highprofile engine failures has drivers frustrated and TRD looking for answers in time for Sunday’s race at Pocono Raceway.

David Wilson, named this week nike kids jr hypervenom acting president and general manager of TRD, soccer shoes on sale called drivers, crew chiefs and competition directors from Joe Gibbs Racing and nike kids jr hypervenom Michael Waltrip Racing together on Friday morning to discuss the changes ahead and plans to boost the engine’s durability.

That started with finetuning engines already in the cars headed to Pocono.

“It means it’s going to be a little bit of a step back in performance, Wilson said. “Just getting them on board and being transparent with them has been helpful. The last thing we want is for them not to feel like a part of this,

TRD is struggling with durability, beginning with the Daytona 500 when Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch suffered engine failures within minutes of each other. Most recently, Kenseth and Martin Truex Jr. both suffered engine failures in Sunday’s race at Dover. Wilson said the valve train has been the main culprit for the engine woes.

Wilson said the key was to keep the season in perspective. Even if six failures have been unacceptable, there are enough checkered flags piling up to prove TRD has an overall grasp on handling its engines.

“Our drivers love the performance they’re getting with the cars, Wilson said. “Crew chiefs are just killing it this year and the engines are strong. We’re certainly happy about that,

But in order to win a championship, TRD has to have durability and drivers can’t be racing wondering if their engine is next to blow.

“I’d much rather be in this position of saying, ‘We’ve got the performance, now we need to focus on the durability,'” he said. “We’ve got a little bit of security with a couple of our drivers having notched a couple of wins,

Toyota drivers Clint Bowyer, Kenseth, and Busch are all in the top 10 in the points standings. Denny Hamlin, in 26th and in danger of missing the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship, was encouraged by the meeting.

“They identified issues and talked about our short and longterm plan to fix it, Hamlin said. “They’re going to do everything they can to fix it,

Wilson was promoted this week after Lee White stepped down to tend to family health care needs. White joined Toyota in 1997 and took over the nike kids jr hypervenom top job following Jim Aust’s retirement in July 2008. He was responsible for all TRD North American motorsports activities in NASCAR, USAC, NHRA, GrandAm and offroad competitions.

White was with teams that won approximately 1,000 races and 250 championships.

“The role that he played in helping bring our company into NASCAR was one of his biggest achievements, Wilson said. “He built a very robust organization around him, nike kids jr hypervenom soccer shoes on sale.