Screen sirens

Screen sirens

Nike jr magista nike superfly trainers while her character’s iconic look is once again back on the catwalks as designers such as D play homage to the ’80s, the California grandmother has always displayed a fabulous sense of style. Now 68, she uses colour and bold accessories to create a unique and individual look that belies her years. In Dublin last month to launch the new collection for Newbridge Silverware, Linda shared some of her style secrets during a shoot for Weekend at the Four Seasons.

“I try and stay away from black and I love accessorising and use jewellery and scarves that pop the basics,

The mother of two believes that the trick to looking good is working out what suits you and not just using a colour because it happens to be in fashion. “I follow my skin, eye nike jr magista and hair colour and I go for brown, greens and lighter colours like corals and some terracotta. I used to think there was nothing for me for summer. I don’t look good in pastels so I will use terracotta instead of pink, greens like emeralds and I love khaki,

Once you focus on a colour, Linda recommends that you find the shade that suits you. “Whitewhite is too bright for me. I think white is so chic in the summer so I do a little offwhite which has the same effect but it is softer for my skin. Women are drawn by trends and it sometimes doesn’t suit or enhance who nike superfly trainers [they] are. Grey and navy doesn’t do anything for me at all. When you find the right shade, it just enhances your whole being,

Linda, who was the leg model for Mrs Robinson in the movie The Graduate, maintains her enviable figure with an exercise programme that includes a 20minute regime she can follow while travelling. “I love weights and I think women over 50 need to do weights nike superfly trainers for osteoporosis. Weightbearing exercises really help you, plus I do all the stretches for abs and arms and legs.

“I try very hard to exercise every day but I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day. Women are so hard on themselves for everything.

“I love simplicity and I go for great fabrics, fluid fabrics that move with my body, nothing too tight and fussy and pieces that go together for when I’m travelling. All women love to get glammed up. My style is constantly evolving, like the turquoise dress (Louise Kennedy) that I wore for the shoot. I hadn’t worn that colour before.

“My advice is to be open, have fun with separates, trousers, skirts and and start playing around with them. Women can get a little bit too obsessive and they have to look at their body type and who they are inside. “The secret, says Linda, “is not to blame the designers and boutiques if you cannot find something to suit you. Have a look yourself. Go to a tailor and have something made to suit you,

Her final piece of advice is to “live each day with grace and ease. Those are two key words for me. Every day I write down ten things that I appreciate and nike superfly trainers if you are in cranky mood, start with something like your cat and do 10 and then at night, list all the things that you have accomplished that day, Inspiring words from a classy lady nike superfly trainers.