shirts say about you

shirts say about you

Nike cleats magista hypervenom boots with sock summer is here, and if you are anything like me and my family, you are spending your days in a summer Tshirt and shorts, trying to beat the heat.

Since I am the laundry warrior in my house: I wash, dry and fold my family Tshirts again and again and again. I started to think about what our Tshirts say about us.

My 8yearold son lives in Phillies Tshirts and international soccer jerseys. He could wear a different Phillies shirt every day with a different player name and number on the back. nike cleats magista He has Lee shirts with both numbers 33 and 34 (from the preHalladay days), Halladay number 34, an Oswalt shirt in vintage blue, Utley, Rollins, Howard, Ibanez and the list goes on. His soccer hypervenom boots with sock shirts include Messi, Ronaldinho, Donovan and Le Toux. Luke Tshirt selection reflects his priorities over the summer: baseball, soccer and the Phillies.

My 7yearold daughter wears a variety of Tshirts, but gravitates toward vintagelooking shirts that have Snoopy on them or say something cute like Cream for Breakfast.

Her shirts are playful and colorful, which matches her personality exactly. She also wears shirts from her dance school (Let Dance) and her art school (McArt School). She would wear a piano and violin shirt if she had them. Piper is loyal to her love of the arts and hypervenom boots with sock the places that are helping her develop her talents. Again, her Tshirt selection reflects her budding personality.

My 3year old daughter would wear the same Strawberry Shortcake Tshirt every single day if I let her. At her age, it is more about being stubborn than the actual shirt. Although I must admit, the shirt she obsessed with wearing is cute; it a hip new take on the classic Strawberry Shortcake I grew up with. The character has a cute smile, a little attitude in her body language and is not afraid of mixing stripes, flowers and fruit patterns all at once. All said, the nike cleats magista shirt does hypervenom boots with sock say a lot about my daughter Holly.

As far as what me and my husband wear, our Tshirt selection reflects where we been and what we done. We wear shirts from bike rides we participated in, tourist locations we visited and sporting events we attended.

We both have Phillies, Eagles and Flyers shirts, and my husband has a collection of Tshirts from years of attending Army/Navy games with his dad. We have a few is Good shirts, which were purchased on the Ocean City Boardwalk. My husband wears a collection of shirts that my kids made him that say love Daddy! or Birthday, Daddy! that include their pictures.

I tend to wear a lot of solid tank tops. (Does this mean I am boring? I hope not!) Our Tshirt drawers are overflowing, and we could probably stand to retire a few shirts that sit in the bottom of the drawer and never see the light of day.

As basic as a summer Tshirt is, there is probably nothing more personal in our wardrobes. What other article of clothing actually allows us to broadcast a message, clearly spelled out across our backs or chests? So take a minute and assess your summer Tshirt collection hypervenom boots with sock.