Potential world trouble spots

Potential world trouble spots

Nike clearance outlet world Travel Watch: Cholera In Dominican Republic, E. Coli In Europe

June 05, 2011By Larry Habegger And Andrew Davis, Special to The Courant

WORLD TRAVEL WATCH is a weekly report designed to help you make nike clearance outlet informed judgments about travel. Conditions can change overnight, so always make your own inquiries before leaving home.

,Brazil: FIFA, the world soccer governing body, remains concerned that Brazil will not have adequate infrastructure to accommodate the wave of tourists expected to come with the 2014 World Cup. Brazil has many overcrowded airports, and renovations have presented a challenge to local organizers. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff recently announced that the country’s airports will be opened up to private investors to ensure that the country will be able to meet the expected demand. Still, FIFA officials said that most World Cup preparations were on track. Improving airport and transit infrastructure sooner rather than later would be a benefit to all travelers regardless of World Cup attendance.

,Dominican Republic: Health officials have begun replacing food stands with public bathrooms in an effort to slow or nike clearance outlet stop the outbreak of cholera, which has worsened in recent weeks. Since November, when the outbreak began, more than 1,000 cases have been reported and 14 people have died due to the outbreak. Cholera was first detected in Haiti last year, but quickly spread to the Dominican Republic. The bacteria lives in contaminated food and water. Cholera has been reported mostly in cities, so tourists who travel to the Caribbean nation should be sure to eat and drink only food and beverages they know have been properly prepared. Cholera can be deadly but is easily treated. Symptoms include vomiting and profuse watery diarrhea.

,Europe: At least 16 deaths across Europe have been linked to the presence of E. coli bacteria. The number of infected patients is near 1,150 in at least eight soccer websites for cleats countries, including 400 people in Germany. coli, has been found on a number of cucumbers in Germany, and the vast majority of EHEC cases have occurred in Germany. Hamburg and surrounding areas have been hit hardest. Some of the contaminated cucumbers came from Spain, while other suspect produce came from Denmark and the Netherlands. Travelers planning to visit Germany and other European countries should stay informed about the outbreak nike clearance outlet and avoid eating raw vegetables.

,Ireland: Pilots at Aer Lingus are warning that they will take part in an industrial action beginning June 7, a move that could cancel the airline’s entire operation. The plan of action states that pilots working out of Dublin and Cork will report to duty an hour late, and will not work on scheduled free days or annual leave days. These actions would remove all flexibility of operations and cause cancellations that could affect more than 30,000 people a day. Travelers planning to fly Aer Lingus from June 7 until the dispute is resolved should consider finding alternative airlines or other means of travel. State Department issued a warning advising against all travel to soccer websites for cleats Yemen because of high terrorist threat levels and civil unrest. government employees have been ordered to leave. Citizens in the country are urged to avoid all protests, even if they are intended to be peaceful, as the threat of violence is extremely high. citizens in Yemen due to the presence of terrorist networks, such as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula nike clearance outlet.