SLS Australia admits it’s in crisis Local Gold Coast News

SLS Australia admits it’s in crisis Local Gold Coast News

Cr7 shoes sale surf Life Saving Australia chief executive Brett Williamson has this morning admitted the movement is in crisis, but says he is confident everything was done to try and prevent the suspected drowning of 14yearold ironman Matt Barclay at Kurrawa on the Gold Coast yesterday.Cristiano-Ronaldo-Wearing-Chapter-5-Superfly

Competition at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships has been suspended indefinitely following the disappearance and death of Matt, who disappeared while competing in an under 15s board event south of Kurrawa just after 3.30pm yesterday.

When asked if surf life saving was in crisis following Matt suspected drowning, the second in three years at the cr7 shoes sale Australian titles, Mr Williamson replied “of course,

But he rejected comments the organisation had learnt nothing from the death of Mr Bird in 2010, saying recommendations implemented since had been followed to the letter.

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“At any competition event there has been ongoing, very robust, strict risk mitigation processes new hypervenom indoor put into place. That has escalated over more recent years, he said.

“The success or any failings in that system will come out in any subsequent inquiry but from a surf lifesaving perspective cr7 shoes sale we are very confident we couldn do too much more.

“We are trying to deal with it in a professional way by cooperating with our systems, cooperating with police and doing everything possible,cr5_6cr5_5

Mr Williamson was questioned by Bill Edgar, the owner of Evie surf shirts, who said he had made new hypervenom indoor an inflatable rash shirt but SLSA had not taken him up on it despite Mr Bird coronial inquest recommending competitors wear them.

“One of the recommendations from the coronial inquiry last year was for surf life saving to continue to work with designers of safety cr7 shoes sale vests, flotation devices, that has been under way and it is too early to stipulate a particular brand or type but it is certainly under way, Mr Williamson said.

“That coronial report you might recall came down in August of last year. All other recommendations not only from the coronial inquest but from internal inquiry that was commissioned have been activated,

Mr Edgar said his vest had been available for 18 months, saying new hypervenom indoor today situation would not have arisen had SLSA opted to use them.

Mr Williamson also said it was too early to speculate on the future of the Australian titles at Kurrawa amid suggestions the event may never be held there again.

“I doubt very much whether there won be a future surf life saving championships. Part of the review process is reviewing the event every year, the format, the system, so I doubt very much the suggestion we don hold Australian surf life saving championships, he said.

Inspector Bruce Kuhn from Gold Coast police confirmed police divers had now joined the search which was being guided by expert advice from within the SLSA movement cr7 shoes sale.CR7-Cut-To-Brilliance