Most corrupt European Union countries are also the most indebted

Most corrupt European Union countries are also the most indebted

Kids baseball cleats no prizes for guessing who’s number one then?A survey of public sector corruption found that people in Greece and Italy believe their countries are the worst offenders in the EU

Two thirds of the countries surveyed as part of the global Corruption Perceptions Index were found to be ‘very corrupt’Denmark, Finland and New Zealand tied as the least corrupt countries in the world

The countries worst hit by the European financial crisis are also perceived as being among the most corrupt in the European Union, and those perceptions appear to be getting increasingly negative, kids baseball cleats an international watchdog said in a new report released Wednesday.

Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index shows Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece with the lowest scores in western Europe.

The index measures the perception kids baseball cleats of corruption in the public sector and not the financial sector, but Transparency’s Europe director Anne Koch said the results clearly indicate that people in the countries worst hit by the crisis perceive corruption to be widespread.

Corruption in Europe: Greece and soccer cleats kids Italy ranked worst of all EU countries for corruption, while Denmark and Finland topped the global list as the least corrupt countries

The survey, which was first conducted in 1995, draws on a variety of sources that capture perceptions of corruption, including World Bank and World Economic Forum assessments, the African Development Bank’s governance ratings, and Transparency International’s own Bribe Payers Survey.

Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia were ranked the worst overall on this year’s list, all tied with a rating of just eight. Denmark, Finland and New Zealand were thought of as least corrupt with scores of 90.

Canada scored 84, Germany 79 and Japan and Britain tied at 74. The United States was rated 73, giving it 19th place, and France scored 71.

At the bottom of western European nations, Greece scored a 36, Italy 42, Portugal 63 and Spain 65. All four countries are mired in recession, and both Portugal and Greece have received EU bailouts.

The Greek numbers, which put it in 94th place on the ranking, stand out in particular, Koch said. If kids baseball cleats the new 2012 methodology is applied to the 2011 results, Greece fell by 14 places.

‘Greece, of course, at place 94 is the lowest state in the European Union,’ she said. ‘It’s ranked lower than countries like Colombia, Benin and Zambia. which gives you pause for thought.’

Transparency’s Managing Director Cobus de Swardt said the world’s top economies should ‘lead by example’ and ensure ‘their institutions are fully transparent and their leaders are held accountable.’

‘This is crucial since their institutions play a significant role in preventing corruption from flourishing globally,’ de Swardt said.


1. Denmark 90

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