Shopping In Italy Is A Wonderful Adventure

Shopping In Italy Is A Wonderful Adventure

Where to buy soccer shoes italy’s hottest shopping draw is of course fashion. Milan is home of the country’s fashion industry, but Rome is the main Italian bazaar where the threads are put on the market. Here you can find the ultra chic garments of celebrated designers numbering in the hundreds. Quality is very high and the range of materials includes leather, cotton, silk and wool.

Other than garments, Italy is preeminent in the production of quality glassware, furniture, jewellery and porcelain goods.

While Rome is overrun with international fashion boutiques, shopping in the Eternal City can still offer its own very Roman flavour. For the ultimate in windows shopping, the area around via Condotti at the where to buy soccer shoes foot of the Spanish Steps is the place to go. You can gaze at the creations of Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci cr7 indoor shoes for kids and the other grand names in the elegant windows under the baroque or neoclassical facades. But remember that rents in Rome are sky high and so are where to buy soccer shoes the prices.

For antiques, head to Via dei Coronari. It’s a narrow pedestrianised street near Piazza Navona. The where to buy soccer shoes 500meter long thoroughfare is lined with antique stores and galleries.

For the true Roman experience, you have to visit one of the city’s many markets. The Sunday morning flea market at Porta Portese is an overcrowded event where you can buy almost anything. It’s held on via Portuense south of the Porta Portese gate. Beware of pickpockets.

From Monday to Saturday, the morning market is in via Sannio, just outside the Roman walls by San Giovanni in Laterano. Here you can browse huge volumes of cheap clothes.

Venice has long been a place of trade and remains a busy retail center. Though the big name fashion houses are wellrepresented, the joy of shopping in Venice lies in hunting down those local novelty items that evoke the spirit of La Serenissima.

However if it’s brand name fashions you’re after, Venice won’t disappoint. The island’s busiest shopping strip is the Merceri. It runs all the ways from the Piazza to the Rialto Bridge and almost all the celebrated Italian labels have boutiques here.

For other items, Calle della Mandola is the place to browse books and glass beads. And Campo Santo Stefano is the square for antique hunting. However, you can’t leave Venice without getting a souvenir carnival mask.

Carnival is the great event held every February but the masks are manufactured as souvenirs all yearround in Venice’s small workshops. You can get everything from full size porcelain masks with a hefty price tag to inexpensive ornaments such as silver earrings in the shape of carnival masks.

The other great specialty of Venice is glassware from the island of Murano. These include such items as vases, clocks and wine bottle caps. And you can also get decorative items such as rings, bracelets or pendants made out of the delightful colored glass. These can be very inexpensive and make great souvenirs of Venice. Other delights special to Venice include porcelain dolls and Burano lace work where to buy soccer shoes.

Shopping in Malaysia

Shopping in Malaysia

Where to buy soccer shoes get ready strap your bags, set and go! What? No, this is not some space mission but an equally exhilarating and possibly exhausting shopping expedition fuelled at whatever speed your credit card or wallet can muster. is more like an where to buy soccer shoes adventure and it truly is a shopping paradise. Malaysia as a country presents the true essence of Asia and its cultural diversity is reflected in its shops too. It has something for every shopper from the Glossy high end shops to flea markets. If you are a serious shopper get yourself a big suitcase with plenty of room and a credit card which is buzzing and launch yourself into a shopping spree, the Malaysian capital beckons you with its vast offerings.

In fact the period between July 24 and September 16, is the mega sale carnival time and you can enjoy some serious discounts which could go up to 70%. All through the year special sales and carnivals are planned and some coincide with sports events like the F1 Grand Prix. There are many shopping facilities available like one stop shopping complexes, pasar malam or the night markets, bazaars and the street side stalls. Malaysia has some tax free zones like the Pengkalan Kubur, Pulau Langkawi, Rantau Panjang and Padang Besar.

The list of things to shop is lengthy. Some items which you could shop for includes pewter items, designer jewellery, electronics, footwear, watches, optical items, cameras and some high quality fabrics. where to buy soccer shoes But the most unique product of Malaysia is the wonderful handicrafts and the intricate silver, brass items and pottery. You can find all possible fashions from around the world while shopping in Malaysia.

One of the trends which are speedily catching up in Malaysia is Korean fashion. It is widely popular among youngsters and you can shop for it cr7 indoor shoes for kids in the malls of Bukit Bintang area. The Korean dramas such as stairway to heaven and the bands like Super Junior and Wonder girls have been hugely popularising the Korean fashion. There are many wholesale shops in Malaysia and online sites which are actively selling Korean clothes. Korean dresses are stylish, fresh and very original that is why Korean fashion is more popular than the Japanese fashion in Malaysia. Also Korean designs are very funky with lot of stripes, polka dots and ribbons.

The best places to buy fashion clothing in Malaysia are Kualalumpur, Langkawi and Penang. But if you are on the lookout for traditional products then you should travel to Malacca and the further East coast. Kualalumpur has many branded shops and multi story shopping malls where you can purchase all sort of items in a single place. Penang had once been known as the number one tax haven of Malaysia. But in recent years it has lost this position to Langkawi. Langkawi is today the hub where to buy soccer shoes for local and international duty free goods.

Malaysia with its wide range of products and wonderful shops lures the tourists from all over the world and if you know where and what to shop, then shopping in Malaysia can be a wonderful experience where to buy soccer shoes.