Matt Lauer has to go

Matt Lauer has to go

Cheap soccer cleats shop i finally found a Mexican willing to do a job no American will do! I have an explosive book on the No. 1 issue in the country coming out next week, I’ve already written 10 New York Times best sellers I’d be on a postage stamp if I were a liberal but can’t get an interview on ABC, NBC or CBS.

Only Mexican born Jorge Ramos would interview me on his Cheap soccer cleats shop Fusion network. Don’t even think of using it as a coaster, like those other books. These are just a few:

Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act was expressly designed to change the demographics of our country to be poorer and more inclined to vote Democratic.

It worked! Post 1970 immigrants vote 8 2 Cheap soccer cleats shop for the Democrats.

Citing this dramatic shift in the Democratic Party’s fortunes, Democratic consultant Patrick Reddy called the 1965 Immigration Act “the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to the Democratic Party,

Immigrants admitted before 1970 made more money, bought more houses and were more educated than Americans. The post Kennedy immigrants are astronomically less educated, poorer and more likely to be on welfare than the native population.

With no welfare state to support them, about a third of pre 1965 new magista Act immigrants returned to the places they came from. British and Jewish immigrants were the least likely to go home less than 10 percent did.

Although America is admitting more immigrants, they are coming from fewer countries than they did before 1970. On liberals’ own terms, the country is becoming less “diverse, but a lot poorer and a lot more Latin.

America has already taken in one fourth of Mexico’s entire population.

In 1970, there were almost no Nigerian immigrants in the United States. Our country is now home to more Nigerians than any country in the world except Nigeria.

America takes more immigrants from Nigeria than from England.

The government refuses to tell us how many prisoners in the United States are immigrants. That information is not available anywhere. But the ancillary facts suggest the number is astronomical.

There are more foreign inmates in New York state prisons from Mexico than from the entire continent of Europe.

Hispanics are less likely to be in the military than whites or blacks, and a majority of Hispanic troops are women. prisons.

In Denmark, actual Danes Cheap soccer cleats shop come in tenth in criminals’ nationality, after Moroccans, Lebanese, Yugoslavians, Somalis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Turks, Iraqis and Vietnamese.

At least 15 percent of all births in Peru and Argentina are to girls between the ages of 10 and 15.

Sex with girls as young as 12 years old is legal in 31 of the 32 states of Mexico.

In all of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel combined, there have been eight reported births to girls aged 10 or younger. Seven of the eight were impregnated by immigrants.

Since 2004, Mexicans have beheaded at least a half dozen people in the United States.

Mexican drug cartels not ISIS new magista pioneered the practice of posting videotaped beheadings online.

An alleged “ISIS” beheading video making the rounds in 2014 was actually a Mexican beheading video from 2010.

Post 1970 immigrants have re introduced slavery to America. Indian immigrant Lakireddy Bali Reddy, for example, used the H1 B visa program, allegedly for “high tech workers, to bring in 12 year old girls he had bought from their parents for sex.

The above story was missed by the San Francisco Chronicle. It was broken by a high school journalism class.

The ACLU took Reddy’s side.

We’re still letting in Hmong immigrants as a reward for their help with the ill fated Vietnam War, which ended 40 years ago Cheap soccer cleats shop new magista.

New Irish Passport Card launched

New Irish Passport Card launched

Nike hypervenom socks cheap soccer cleats shop a new passport card, which allows Irish citizens to travel within the EU without their passports, has been launched.

The card can be applied for by Irish citizens over the age of 18 with a valid passport, and has a maximum validity of five years (or the remaining validity of the holder’s passport).

The card costs 35, plus a credit and transaction cost. Additional delivery costs outside Ireland will be approximately 5.

Novel features include the ability to upload a selfie or “passport compliant photo taken on a mobile phone, as the Department of Foreign Affairs terms it.

The card is being launched together with a free app and website that will test photos using advanced biometric algorithms to ensure they meet International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards, it adds.

The free app is available in iOS (via Apple App Store), Android (via Google Play Store) and Microsoft (via Windows Store) formats.

“The introduction of the passport card is a significant innovation that will enhance the travel experience for Irish people as they go on holidays or business trips to 30 countries throughout Europe, said Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr.

The card was originally due to launch in July, but was delayed due to manufacturing changes designed to improve its durability

It can be used by Cheap soccer cleats shop travellers whose regular passport is with an embassy as part nike hypervenom socks of a visa application process, and will also be accepted as a form of ID.

“The passport card will be particularly useful for young people who use their passport booklet as identification, especially on nights out, Minister Flanagan has said.

It is hoped that this will reduce the number of lost passports.

Several Irish companies were involved in the development of the card, including DLRS Group, with security design and APP development supplied by Absolute Graphics in Wicklow and Purple Pod in Meath.

The final product is a state of the art polycarbonate supplied by HID in Galway.

Security features incorporated the advice Cheap soccer cleats shop of experts including An Garda Sochna, the Department says, and include the use of thermochromic ink (which disappears when heated), UV images including a green shamrock and ash leaf, and embedded hologram photos on a strip on the reverse side.

“This an Irish led and Irish designed project that combines cutting edge technology and security features with ground breaking levels of user friendliness and flexibility, Minister Flanagan said.

The Passport Service has the capacity to process 3,000 Passport Card applications per week, it says, with an estimated processing period of 20 25 working days.

The launch comes shortly after the Department of Foreign Affairs announced that its Passport Express service via post offices throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland (for traditional passbook renewals) has been suspended due to the current industrial action affecting An Post.

Read more on the alternative arrangements here.

The new passport card is valid for entry into Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Cheap soccer cleats shop the UK, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway which are not in the EU but do fall within the EEA (European Economic Area) Cheap soccer cleats shop nike hypervenom socks.