Part 2 of our annual news quiz

Part 2 of our annual news quiz

Real soccer cleats find a link to the answers at the bottom of the quiz.

1. All sorts of backcountry adventurers need a little help out of the North Shore mountains from time to time. What did North Shore Rescue use to get exhausted four year old yellow lab Fraser home cheap nike soccer cleats safe?

2. What’s in a name? The District of North Vancouver officially renamed the Lower Capilano and Lower Lynn neighbourhoods, as well as the under construction replacement for the William Griffin Recreation Centre. What are they called now?

3. A 10 year old retiree was rescued from the riptide off Ambleside Beach by the Vancouver Police Department marine unit. What was his career before retirement?

4. It was just 4.5 centimetres big but it made us all late for dinner for a few nights in August, and put us in a generally crappy mood. What was it?

5. In the midst Real soccer cleats of a prolonged drought and watering restrictions, the City of North Vancouver hosted a 1,000 foot waterslide in August. Where did the 50,000 litres of water come from?

6. The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation got its largest ever donation in 2015 $25 million from a former plumber. Who was the donor?

7. The “crimson tide” washed over most of Canada on Oct. 19. How many seats did the Liberals win in the election?

8. North Shore Rescue was called out to rescue people more than 130 times in 2015. What was the most they charged any of their rescue subjects?

9. Seycove secondary students successfully lobbied school administrators for a place to do business that’s accessible to everyone a first of its kind on the North Shore. What is that place?

10. We all know how he finished in the election, but in the real test of one’s mettle, what was Justin Trudeau’s time on the Grouse Grind?

11. We’re used to traffic tie ups thanks to incidents on the bridges but in late January, this rodent stopped traffic on Marine Drive in West Vancouver.

12. North Vancouver students are falling behind their Vancouver counterparts with only 62 per cent meeting Vancouver Coastal Health’s recommended standards in this area.

13. Bird watchers were unmoved when this rare, endangered crane was chased away from the North Vancouver waterfront by members of city council. Why?

14. This Olympic medallist nicknamed Mighty Mouse who originally comes from the North Shore made headlines in 2015 while visiting North Vancouver.

15. More than 300 visitors and cheap nike soccer cleats staff were stranded overnight in this lofty lodge in December when high winds made travel unsafe.

16. North Vancouver posted a record year for Real soccer cleats film shoots in 2014, and 2015 is shaping up to be another doozy, thanks to the reboot of this beloved sci fi show being shot at North Shore Studios.

17. Though amalgamation is a tantalizing thought for many in the two North Vancouvers, past attempts at it in other jurisdictions have only wound up costing more money, this venerable think cheap nike soccer cleats tank warned.

18. West Vancouver police began building a case against a man they arrested with a back seat full of this popular Danish toy set, allegedly stolen in Squamish.

20. Global warning: The City of North Vancouver scored headlines around the world when Real soccer cleats it became the first jurisdiction to announce it would mandate these kinds of warning labels Real soccer cleats.