The golf course where legends were made

The golf course where legends were made

Cleats for kids cheap nike magista obra boots the men’s lockerroom had lockers but they just stood around in dimlylit disarray, some along a wall, some in the middle of the bare floor, facing in various directions. Only six or eight of them were used. Public course players don’t require lockers, especially the ones who wear Hawaiian print shorts, long black socks and T shirts advertising a motor oil.The clubhouse was a low, white structure that looked like what the first motel must have looked like. The windows on one side were always broken, thanks to wayward shots off the ninth tee.The golf carts looked like they had been in a war.One of the managers, a gruff, wonderful caricature of himself with a megaphone voice and a wry sense of humor, would bark at guys lingering in the grill room, “stop sitting around cheap nike magista obra boots sucking up my air conditioning, get out there and play, or in winter, “stop sucking up my heat, The owner, a former PGA Tour star named Clayton Heafner, refused to put sand in the bunkers, his reason being, “Every time you play out of a sand trap, you knock 25 cents worth of sand out of it,Eastwood, whose entrance cheap nike magista obra boots was just behind a service station on a busy corner in northeast Charlotte, was one of those places where you could get the latest betting line, where you could drink beer in the morning and not feel uncomfortable about it, where you didn’t have to wear a shirt if you didn’t want to, where they’d ice down some beer in a plastic bag for you to take onto the course.A lot of you are sitting there nodding your head, thinking, yeah, I’ve played at places like that. There is an Eastwood Golf Course just about everywhere, but with different names.This Eastwood had a neverchanging odor, a blend of steaming hot dogs, cigarette smoke and beer, very much like the smell of a good old fashioned pool room. The regular clientele became a part of the fixtures, sitting around vinyltopped tables stacking beer cans, arguing bets and talking about things like a diner where you could get a good early bird special.Crazy bets were a staple of the place, which you kind cheap nike magista obra boots of expect of a course where a professional wrestler played a round wearing his mask. Where they played from the clubhouse roof. Where they hit shots while standing in a cleats for kids golf cart. Where one played a round throwing the ball with a jai alai cesta. Where one played every shot in a round other than those on or close to the green with a paper cup over the ball. Where, under cover of darkness, one sawed down some trees that kept getting in his way.The golf course itself was pretty good, once you got away from the service station and the hole where the tee was no more than ten yards from a street where cars and trucks roared by.Unfortunately, Eastwood didn’t survive the city’s tsunamilike growth. It’s now buried under a cluster of big condo buildings. I never ride by and not think about how the place felt and looked and smelled and about the cast of characters who practically lived there cheap nike magista obra boots cleats for kids.

Season at Del Mar begins with festive fashions

Season at Del Mar begins with festive fashions

Cheap nike magista obra boots nike superfly cleats cheap post time for the first of the day nine races.

But while many in the crowd of 39,346, thirdlargest in the track history, were there to see and be seen, the serious among them studied the racing forms and sized up the steeds before heading to the betting windows.

Shirl Eastman, Lynda Lockard and Mary Seaborn carpooled to Del Mar for opening cheap nike magista obra boots day.

“We making a fashion statement, said Eastman, of Escondido, who, cheap nike magista obra boots like her two friends, was dressed to the nines.

“We having a girls day out, said Lockard, of Valley Center.

“We looking for goodlooking men, said Seaborn, of Escondido.

With peoplewatching a big draw on opening day, the best place to watch them was at the Turf Club entrance, where the tone was definitely tony.

For cheap nike magista obra boots many of the men, blazers (navy blue) and suits (poplin, linen, seersucker) were in. For the women, dresses (long), skirts (short, and shorter), hats (the bigger the better) and heels were the thing.

The paddock area nearby was the place to watch the horses and the people.

“They working the kinks out, an oldtime track hand remarked as the horses were led in a lazy circle.

As for the people, there was a fair sprinkling of tropical shirts, sandals and sneakers. The baseball caps, with only a few exceptions, were all facing forward.

The entries in the traditional openingday hat contest included hats with patriotic themes (flags, redwhiteandblue bunting), with racing themes (little horses, little jockeys), with plant matter (flowers, mostly), and hats so loaded with stuff that it was a wonder the people wearing them didn lose their balance.

Bud Jones of Imperial Beach, carrying a briefcase full of computer printouts, was one of the serious racing fans on hand.

“Del Mar is a great place to see the upandcoming 2yearolds, he said. “We got a great climate, there hardly ever a day with a muddy track, and it a great nike superfly cleats cheap destination,

Jones has his own system for picking the winning horses.

“I only bet the long shots, for $200, he said.

A lot of people bet the favorites, he noted, and as if to prove his point, many put their money on Albatros, the heavy favorite, in the first race.

Albatros is owned by Sid and Jenny Craig of Rancho Santa Fe, nike superfly cleats cheap the top owners of last year meeting, earning $830,698. The Craigs were watching from a luxury box as Albatros lost by more than a nose.

Watching Albatros lose with the Craigs were the San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson and former Chargers great Junior Seau, now with the Miami Dolphins.

Although people were still arriving long after after the first race, delayed in part by the traffic jams they caused, yesterday attendance was about 1,300 short of last year openingday record of 40,682.

Northbound Interstate 5 was backed up from Via de la Valle south to Genesee Avenue as the latecomers arrived, and Camino del Mar was at a crawl heading through the village to the fairgrounds cheap nike magista obra boots.