observers in an effort to deter the spread of ethnic strife

observers in an effort to deter the spread of ethnic strife

Real soccer cleats buy soccer cleats cheap observer force intended to prevent the Balkan war from spilling over into another former Yugoslav republic. ground combat troops sent to any part of the former Yugoslavia. There are already 329 American military personnel in the shattered federation, more than half of them assigned to a military hospital in Zagreb, Croatia. forces to become far more assertive in protecting buy soccer cleats cheap the civilian victims of the bloody ethnic war.

The foreign ministers also agreed to hold a summit meeting of the heads of government of each of the 16 NATO nations later this year, probably in Europe. soldiers could be in Macedonia within a week. The 200 combat troops and buy soccer cleats cheap 100 support personnel most likely will be drawn from forces stationed in Germany or Italy.

The Americans will join about 700 Scandinavian troops under the “operational control” of Danish Brig. Gen. Siermirk Thomsen. troops. retaliation.

“This conflict must not be allowed to spill over, Christopher declared in a statement that referred to the ethnic struggle now raging in Bosnia Herzegovina among Serbs, Croats and Muslims. “We must prevent a wider Balkan war, which would threaten NATO allies and several emerging democracies. It is essential that everyone in the region understand that aggression against the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia would have grave consequences,

Observers warn that the next flash point in the former Yugoslav federation is the Serbian province of Kosovo, whose mainly Albanian population seeks independence. Kosovo borders Macedonia.

The United States has accepted Macedonia’s independence and the legitimacy of its government but has held off formal diplomatic recognition because of objections from NATO ally Greece. Greece objects to the new country’s use of the name “Macedonia, which it says is proof of the country’s territorial ambitions on Greece’s northern province of the same name.

The Pentagon declined to rule out the possibility that the United States might send troops to Kosovo, although that is unlikely since Kosovo is part of Serbia. observer force is primarily of symbolic value.

“A thousand is not a lot of guys to stop masses coming over the hill, he said.

Christopher said the 300 Americans would never be required to face an invasion alone. He predicted that if any attack were imminent, the United States would get ample advance information.

“The United States would not leave its troops Real soccer cleats in Macedonia undefended, you can be sure of that, Christopher said.

A senior State Department official said, “We’ll back ’em up” if they buy soccer cleats cheap are endangered.

The soldiers will be equipped with mortars, machine guns and rifles and accompanied by small armored vehicles, officials in Washington said. bases in Europe could quickly send Bradley fighting vehicles and attack helicopters if the situation warranted buy soccer cleats cheap.