Sydney Travel Tips

Sydney Travel Tips

Nike soccer shorts new soccer cleats nike america’s Opposite Prepare for some bewilderment: Australians drive on the other side of the road, and new soccer cleats nike the seasons are swapped too.

Try a Tim Tam Locals sip their coffee through these chocolatemalt cookies. Here’s a tip off two diagonal corners, sip your coffee and once you get a mouthful quickly eat the rest of the cookie.

Picture an easygoing seaside town: There are surfers riding the waves and beach bums lazing on the sands. Add to this landscape a horizon jagged with skyscrapers and iconic landmarks like an outofthisworld opera house and a famously stunning bridge. Then, you must paint in the cosmopolitans sunkissed and fashionforward, making their way to photo shoots, architecture firms and caf And of course you must hear their conversation: Even their English is laidback, unlike the posh clip of the Brits or the sometimesbrash American intonation. This is Sydney.

The most populous city in Oz, Sydney is a natural choice for a firsttime Aussie visit. With its lovely beaches, worldclass restaurants, and cache of interesting things to do, Sydney’s personality is a mix of carefree Australia and sophisticated metropolis. So, whether you want a laidback vacation surfing the giant waves of the Tasman Sea or a highoctane trip of dining, shopping, and partying, Sydney’s got you covered.

Plan out an itinerary Rather than zigzagging across the city (and wasting money on transportation), visit all the attractions in one area before venturing to the next neighborhood.

Pack picnics Since Sydney boasts beautiful weather yearround, you can buy picnic supplies at a supermarket and enjoy a casual outdoor lunch.

Stick to local brews Barhopping in Sydney can be quite expensive, so conserve your bucks by ordering Australian beers like Victoria Bitter or Tooheys. By the way, the drinking age is 18.

Sydney Culture Customs

Sydney is a thriving metropolis teeming with culture. The city sees a high level of immigration, welcoming people from all over the new soccer cleats nike world, including many Asian and European countries. Because of the diversity of its population, Sydney acts as a melting pot for the arts, religion, music, and cuisine.

Despite its size, Sydney has earned a reputation as being a very laidback and friendly city. English is the primary language here, so you won’t have to worry about a language barrier. However, there are a few differences to note. For example, Aussies drive on the righthand side of the road (bear that in mind when crossing the street), and you don’t have to worry about tipping cab drivers and waiters.

“Sydneysiders” are a very proud group nike soccer shorts of people: To them, this is the best city on earth. You won’t have to work new soccer cleats nike too hard to blend in is casual, and you’ll find plenty of locals mingling alongside you at Bondi Beach and Darling Harbour. But just because you’ll feel comfortable here doesn’t mean you should let your guard down; this is a big city, and petty crime (such as pickpocketing) does occur in popular tourist areas new soccer cleats nike.