the beginning of my anecdote life

the beginning of my anecdote life

Nike indoor soccer shoes for men superfly cr7 well fist of all i want to start off by saying i love soccer. Soccer is the best sport ever. The name of my favorite team is Chivas. I am in a soccer team. the position is middle. I love being there because i now whats coming and what going out. Soccer helps me relax when i am in a bad mood. Why because I can take out my angry with the ball. When nike indoor soccer shoes for men i win or lose it makes me feel good nowing that we won or we last just too try harder. But if any thing i just like being out there in the field trying my best.

I was born by a miracle of life. both of my parents were born in Mexico. When they came to the united states they eventually became citizens. they met in Los Angeles, my mom worked in a bakery and my dad was a plumber. After six years of knowing each other and my two older brothers being born, it was when i was born in the year of 1995 on July 18th.

I am 14 years old, and my favorite subjects i like in school are science and Geographic. School isn easy, I am not perfect but, I try my very best to keep up my good grades. Every time i fall down, i get right back up again to keep on succeeding to have a better future than what my parents had because that why they came to this country. To get a better life for themselves and their family.

Places that i have gone and traveled to are San Diego, Las Vegas, and parts of Mexico. They were all such beautiful places. The places i would like to travel are Hawaii, Pairs, Rome, and Spain. Ive seen them in the television and magazines. They look so peaceful and gorgeous, they places that can not be compared to California. Although California does have some nice areas, I gone to some but as i get older, I get to visit what i have missed.

What my hobbies are is playing soccer everyday. Soccer is my favorite sport, and Chivas is the name of my team. i also love to hear music and dance everywhere i go even in the shower. superfly cr7 I like shopping, but i can ever window shop if I go to the mall I have to come out with something I can go empty handed. I like eating chocolate ice nike indoor soccer shoes for men cream when it cold or hot it can be anytime of the year. Being with my friends is my best time because i have so much fun, I get to distract myself. Taking pictures is another thing i enjoy doing I superfly cr7 like to take photos of everyhing, when i grow up one of my favorite hobbies will be to be a photographer. I have picture of my dog, that the only pet superfly cr7 i have he name is Max he so playful, well trained, and very samrt. My favorite animals are monkeys I like going to the zoo and the 1st place I like to go see are monkeys to me they are as smart as a human being.

This is some what of my story life. Barely the beginning and hopefully a lot more to come. I find it so difficult at times but I realizing this is not even half. I learning to succeed in life,so I can expect more and travel to the places I hope to go some day. With my families support and having them by my side I know I will get far superfly cr7.