Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO review

Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO review

Nike cleats soccer just like the S3650, the B5310 is all plastic. It’s a different form factor though and the increased weight actually works in its favor. The phone doesn’t feel too heavy, it handles well and the weight distribution is just right for a comfortable hold.

The front of the B5310 CorbyPRO makes it a S3650 Corby twin. The rear also looks quite similar. Another feature the Pro shares with the original Corby is the replaceable rear covers. Unfortunately, the Fashion Jackets aren’t compatible across the Corby lineup.

The 2.8″ resistive touchscreen display takes centerstage on the B5310 front. It has a 240 x 320 pixel resolution, just like most touchscreen feature phones by Samsung (including the original Corby).

Image nike magistax proximo turf quality is middling: indoors the screen is quite good; however, we nike cleats soccer must say we expected better sunlight legibility. The CorbyPRO screen is comparable to the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. Another downside is the somewhat poor touch sensitivity.

The 3.5Genabled CorbyPRO has a dedicated videocall camera the hardware keys have poor press

The righthand side of the CorbyPRO hosts the microUSB port (used for charging and computer connections) and two controls the shutter button and the HOLD key, which is used to lock and unlock the touchscreen. There is enough space between the buttons and their shape is distinct enough for you not to mix them up. The Lock key is nicely raised and has a very pleasing soft press. The microUSB port is covered by a protective lid.

The CorbyPRO back: camera lens and loudspeaker grill

Removing the back panel reveals the 960 mAh LiIon battery. The battery is officially quoted at up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 560 hours of standby time. The only thing under the battery is the SIM nike cleats soccer compartment.

The 960 mAh LiIon battery and the SIM card slot underneath

The rounded design works in favor of the CorbyPRO, whether you are talking or typing on the nike cleats soccer QWERTY keyboard. The weight is right and the phone handles nicely. Quite sensibly, the sidesliding keyboard accounts for most of the weight and allows a steady handhold when typing. The slider movement is sharp and even, no wobbles and creaks.

The Samsung B5310 nike magistax proximo turf CorbyPRO packs a fourrow sideslide QWERTY keyboard, which is surprisingly good never mind the space constraints. The actual keys are set within a frame of very sturdy feeling plastic, which is supposed to sustain and endure the frequent slider action.

Typing on the CorbyPRO is extremely comfortable: the keys are well sized and nicely convex, and have a very distinct press. Numbers are accommodated on the top row instead of using a numpad layout. The top row by the way enjoys plenty of headroom.

The QWERTY keyboard has dedicated shortcuts to web and messaging. The Arrow keys, Backspace, Enter and OK buttons make sure the keyboard can actually be used fulltime for navigating the CorbyPRO menus. Overall, the humble midrange CorbyPRO boasts a full keyboard that easily puts to shame some heavyweight business messengers nike cleats soccer.