Man at center of FBI artifacts raid dies

Man at center of FBI artifacts raid dies

Youth soccer jerseys fbi agents April 2, 2014, removed “thousands” of cultural artifacts, including American Indian items, from the private collection of a 91 year old Rush County man, Don Miller, who had acquired them over the past eight decades. His property is in rural Waldron, about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis. Brent Drinkut/The StarIn 1998, Don Miller has this rifle displayed in the basement of his rural Waldron, Ind, property. He claims it is an American Indian rifle used at Little Big Horn during Army Lt. Col. George A. Custer’s famous last stand in June 1876 against the

the Sioux and Cheyenne. Rob Goebel/The Star 1998 fileThe Rush County adventurer at the center of an FBI inquiry has died.

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The FBI set up a command vehicle and several tents at the home of Don Miller in the South 8300 block of Rush County Road 850 West near Moscow, Ind, to remove artifacts, on New Soccer Cleats April 2, 2014.(Photo: The Star file photo)Buy Photo

WALDRON Don Miller, the son of a Rush County farm family who developed a lifelong adventurous streak, will be remembered for many things.

Others will note his philanthropy, youth soccer jerseys demonstrated during numerous trips to Haiti and work as a financier on local development projects.

But many more in Indiana and perhaps the country, or even the world will youth soccer jerseys remember him for his artifacts. After all, it was Miller’s antiquities collection, nearly unfathomable in size, that catapulted him to notoriety and created the controversy that would dog him through the last year of his life.

Miller, 91, died Sunday, nearly a year after federal agents surrounded his rural Rush County home and began removing thousands of exotic artifacts as television helicopters hovered overhead. Officials at the time cited a desire to catalog the pieces and return them to their countries of origin.

News reports in the aftermath of the government seizure were awash with tales from those who had seen his collection, which reportedly included Aztec figurines, Ming Dynasty jade and an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Miller never faced any charges related to his collection. No lawsuits were filed against him in the year since the seizure. In his final months, townsfolk told The Indianapolis Star he had disappeared from public life.

And even after his death, progress of the federal investigation remains shrouded in mystery. FBI Special Agent Drew Northern declined to comment about the case Tuesday night. Officials from the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis anthropology department, which is assisting the FBI in identifying and preserving the artifacts, also would not comment.

But a legal expert told The Star it could take years, if not decades, before experts can sort out the legalities of the thousands of objects seized by the government.

“Even just figuring out which ones are illegally possessed in the United States is an enormous task when he’s purchased them over so many years, so you can see why this is such a difficult problem to solve, said David B. Smith, a Virginia based attorney with a background in asset forfeiture.

“Without his help, it’s just going to be enormously difficult to figure out which ones he legitimately purchased, which are legal and which ones aren’t, Smith said. “It’s a huge problem,

Man of mystery

Though Miller enchanted friends and co workers with tales of his amateur archeology and worldwide exploits, his interests had humble beginnings.

In a 1998 interview with The Star, Miller said he searched for arrowheads on his family’s farm as a boy. After college, he joined the Army Reserve, where he said he was stationed in New Mexico and assigned to work on the Manhattan Project the top secret research team that developed the first atomic bomb.

“It was almost like he was telling a movie, said Elizabeth Dykes, a former reporter who lives in Richmond, in an interview with The Star last year. Dykes profiled Miller for several stories published in the Rushville Republican.

“And you could see Harry Truman sitting there saying, ‘Oh, just drop the damn thing.’ ”

Brownsburg resident Rick Bolt, 61, recalled working with Miller at the Naval Avionics Center in Indianapolis during the 1970s and 1980s. New Soccer Cleats Bolt, who was fresh out of college when he met Miller, a senior consultant, described him as a friend and mentor.

Bolt said Miller spent his vacation days in far off locales, and would return from overseas with hair raising tales of youth soccer jerseys capture by Libyan military units and a stay with his wife in a Mexican jail youth soccer jerseys New Soccer Cleats.

New Smart boss says marketing will stress brand’s quirky appeal

New Smart boss says marketing will stress brand’s quirky appeal

High top cleats soccer last month, expects little sales growth for the brand in the next two years high top cleats soccer despite the arrival high top cleats soccer of an electric vehicle and plans for four special edition models. distribution from Penske Automotive Group, stepped up marketing and ran TV commercials for the first time.

But Webster says volume will hover at about 10,000 cars annually until a redesigned ForTwo arrives in August 2015. He said the recent launch of the ForTwo Electric plug in battery electric will not have much impact this year because the vehicle won’t be available in all 50 states until fall. EV supplies will improve in 2014, but overall Smart sales will be affected by the run out of the current ForTwo.

New best football boots strategy

Still, the EV and special edition models arriving this year signify Smart’s new strategy, says Webster, who has been with Mercedes Benz for 12 years. best football boots He says Smart requires a unique marketing approach.

“It is different than Mercedes Benz, he said. “Smart is a fun brand, and we treat it differently. There is a different customer, sometimes quirky and passionate. We’re working on plans to bring that vision,

Smart’s ForJeremy concept, with its rear deck wings and fiery red lights, was on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. A production version that goes on sale this fall is a bit more subdued.

The brand is in the middle of a 10 city tour that includes a fleet of cars available for test drives. Meanwhile, to prop up sales of the nonelectric coupe and convertible, Smart will introduce four limited editions in the second half of the year.

They include the BoConcept, a Brabus convertible performance version done in collaboration with the Danish interior design company. Brabus is a German tuner that specializes in Mercedes Benz and Smart cars.

One limited edition model, the ForJeremy, is being done in collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott. The white car has pointy rear wings accented with red. The concept, which debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show last fall, had fiery red lights on the wing, but they were removed on the production model. It goes on sale in the fourth quarter.

Pricing wasn’t disclosed but Webster hinted the car would be the most expensive ForTwo sold in the United States.

The BoConcept was done in collaboration with a Danish interior design company.

Webster, 51, started his auto career in 1994 at Infiniti, where he rose through the sales organization. He was best football boots hired by Mercedes in 2001 as marketing manager of the San Francisco region, overseeing 10 dealers. He then moved to Mercedes’ New Jersey headquarters in 2004 as marketing manager for the Northeast. business. In 2009 he became the region’s area manager and in 2012 was promoted to general manager of used car and fleet operations.

Webster says his California background and feel for the state’s ecological mind set will be a plus in marketing the EV in that state.

In early May, Smart rolled out the ForTwo electric in California and seven Northeast states with the strictest emissions requirements. The EV will debut in the other 42 states this fall.

California ads will consist primarily of radio spots during commuting times, but a national campaign will be launched when the car is available in all 50 states, Webster said.

“Smart is known as a sustainable brand, so when you add on the electric component, it fits right in with those high top cleats soccer brand attributes, said Webster.

Although Webster declined to forecast sales for the EV, Smart is counting on the electric car to draw new customers.

An option to rent the battery is a key selling point. The price of the EV is $20,650, without the battery a savings of $5,100 from the $25,750 price with the battery.

Monthly battery rental is $80, plus taxes, and covers annual maintenance and replacement, if necessary.

Lease customers pay $199 a month, with a $2,000 down, with the battery rental included. The prices are before a federal tax credit of $7,500. California also offers a $2,500 tax credit high top cleats soccer.

Merkel says no legal limit to refugee numbers

Merkel says no legal limit to refugee numbers

Cheap soccer cleats german Chancellor Angela Merkel says that there’s no legal limit to the number of people fleeing political persecution her country can shelter and also making clear anew that people who aren’t entitled to asylum must return home quickly.

Germany has seen more migrants arrive than any other European country and expects 800,000 to come this year.

Asked in an interview with the cheap soccer cleats daily Rheinische Post how many refugees per year it can accommodate, Merkel replied that she can’t give a simple figure. She said: “The fundamental right to asylum for the politically persecuted knows no upper limit; that also goes for refugees who come to us from the hell of a civil war,

But she also noted nike hypervenom soccer shoes that many people from “safe” Balkan countries are coming and said they must go home quickly if they have no grounds for asylum, which almost all don’t.

The Mexican government says it is studying the possibility of accepting refugees from Syria, where war has sent millions fleeing.

Mexico’s foreign relations secretary suggested Thursday the analysis is still at an early stage.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu said Mexico hasn’t determined how many refugees it might accept.

Ruiz Massieu said “we are following this and working on studying the possibility of accepting some cheap soccer cleats refugees at some point,

Venezuela has offered to accept 20,000 Syrians, and the United States 10,000.

As tens of thousands of Syrians are desperately fleeing their homeland, at least five Syrian nike hypervenom soccer shoes families are eager to leave a country that gave them shelter.

Uruguay’s president says his administration will try to help the families reach another country.

Uruguay welcomed the 42 refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war in October 2014.

President Tabare Vazquez said Thursday that Uruguay has reached out to Lebanon because that’s where the refugees would like to go. Since Lebanon is not willing to welcome them, his government is asking the five families to choose another country.

The refugees lack passports from their home country, and cannot get Uruguayan ones because they are not citizens. Uruguay has provided them with local IDs and travel documents, but not all countries recognize them. in the coming budget year. has accepted only about 1,500 Syrians since civil war broke out more than four years ago. to help meet the humanitarian crisis in Europe. Tens of thousands of people from the Middle East and other war torn countries are seeking safe haven across Europe. response.

The 2016 budget year begins Oct. 1.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the United States should increase the number of refugees it resettles by more than 5,000 people next year as European countries struggle to accommodate the hundreds of thousands flocking in from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. will boost its worldwide quota for resettling refugees from 70,000 to 75,000 next year, adding that the number could rise. A fraction of those would be from Syria. accepted far more refugees than that after the Vietnam War and could do so again. She said she hopes other countries follow Germany’s lead in accepting many refugees.

Turkey’s prime minister says his country and the European Union should unite in tackling the migration crisis that has overwhelmed the region.

Speaking jointly following a meeting Thursday in Ankara, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, stressed the need to keep working together to tackle problems created by the migrant crisis.

Turkey is already hosting at least 1.9 million Syrians fleeing the war at home.

“These will be difficult choices, but our starting point is clear, Tusk said. “Solidarity and unity are our guiding principles. In combination with measures to contain the refugee flows, and the measures to get back the control of our borders from those profiting from desperation I mean smugglers and human traffickers,

Prosecutors in Hungary have ordered police to investigate a camerawoman caught on video kicking and tripping migrants near the border with Serbia.

After several videos surfaced showing Laszlo kicking a young man and a girl, as well as sticking her leg out to trip a man running past with a young boy in his arms, she was dismissed from her job at N1TV, an Internet channel associated with Hungary’s cheap soccer cleats far right Jobbik party cheap soccer cleats nike hypervenom soccer shoes.

Michael Phelps earns 23rd gold medal

Michael Phelps earns 23rd gold medal

Soccer shoes sale phelps put the United States ahead to stay on the butterfly leg of the 4×100 meter medley relay and Nathan Adrian finished it off, giving the most decorated athlete in Olympic history his 23rd career gold medal Saturday night.

If that was the end, and Phelps insists it is, what a way to go out.

As Nathan Adrian touched soccer shoes sale the wall to finish off the victory, Phelps gathered the other relay swimmers, Ryan Murphy and Cody Miller, in his arms. One night after his only setback in Rio, an upset loss to Joseph Schooling in the 100 fly, Phelps was cheap soccer cleats on sale back on top.

In the stands, his fiancee, Nicole Johnson, bounced along to the music with their son, 3 month old Boomer, cradled in her arms.

Phelps is eager to spend a lot more time with them. He plans to marry Johnson after the Olympics and said he’s eager to watch his son grow, maybe even dole out a swimming lesson or two. swim team was in the stands to watch Phelps’ finale, including the biggest female star of the games, Katie Ledecky, decked out in a matching USA white jacket and cap.

The 19 year old Ledecky joked that she was proud to be part of Phelps’ final Olympics twice. He initially retired after the 2012 London Olympics, only to decide about a year later to return to the pool.

This time, the 31 year old sounds much more adamant when he says there will be no more comebacks.

Two time gold medalist Murphy put the Americans out front with a world record split on the backstroke it counts since he was leading off but Britain soccer shoes sale surged ahead on the breaststroke with its own world record holder, Adam Peaty.

Phelps dove into the pool in second place.

On the return lap, Phelps powered through the water with his whirling butterfly stroke, surging ahead of James Guy to pass off a lead to the anchor Adrian.

It wasn’t in doubt after that. Adrian pulled away on the freestyle to win in an Olympic record time of 3 minutes, 27.95 seconds. Britain held on for silver, with Australia nabbing bronze.

The victory came just minutes after the women’s medley relay gave the United States its 1,000th Olympic gold medal at the Summer Games.

Kathleen Baker, Lilly King, Dana Vollmer and Simone Manuel led the American triumph. The winning time was 3:53.13.

Australia earned silver, while Denmark took bronze.

For Manuel, it was her second medal of the night she also won silver in the 50 free and second gold of the games. She became the first African American woman to win an soccer shoes sale Olympic swimming title with her win in the 100 free. another silver in the 1,500 free, leaving the American with 33 swimming medals in Rio matching the highest total since the boycotted Los Angeles Games in 1984. also won 33 medals at Sydney in 2000.

The final two individual golds of the games went to Pernille Blume of Denmark in the 50 freestyle, her country’s first swimming victory since 1948, and Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri in the grueling 1,500 free.

After posting the top time in both the preliminaries and the semifinals, Blume came through again on the final night of swimming at the Rio Games. She finished in 24.07.

After her landmark victory in the 100 free, Manuel settled for silver this time in 24.09. Aliaksandra Herasimenia of Belarus earned the bronze in 24.11.

It was another huge disappointment for sisters Cate and Bronte Campbell of Australia. They were shut out of an individual medal again, with Cate finishing fifth and Bronte seventh.

Blume was the third Danish swimmer to capture a gold. Greta Andersen won the 100 free and Karen Margrethe Harup took the 100 backstroke at the 1948 London Olympics.

Paltrinieri pulled away from the field and was under world record pace much of the race before fading a bit at the end. Still, he won comfortably in 14:34.57 soccer shoes sale cheap soccer cleats on sale.

Maine Drought Task Force to meet as dry conditions continue

Maine Drought Task Force to meet as dry conditions continue

Hypervenom nike cleats been no need for a number of years for the state task force to meet, because we haven had an issue, said Sean Goodwin, director of the Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency. getting so we have an issue. We are in the beginning steps of a drought. Things are dry. They always get dry, but not this dry. dry conditions have left groundwater levels depleted in central and southern Maine. Geologic Survey monitors wells across the state, including ones in Poland, Sanford and Augusta that currently have low water levels, said Nicholas Stasulis, a hydrologic technician in the agency Maine office. Poland and Sanford were the lowest on record for the month of July, Stasulis said.

Not all the sites monitored by the agency are hypervenom nike cleats depleted far northern Maine actually has above normal levels of ground and surface water, Stasulis noted. Still, he said, the current drought conditions in the southern two thirds of the state are significant and worsening.

tends to be lowest in the summer fall period, he said. would be naturally receding anyways at this point in the year, but if we don get any precipitation, it going to be a lot lower than normal. If we don get any sort of recharge, in the form of significant fall storms, those water levels will remain low through the winter. the groundwater levels drop, wells can run dry.

Goodwin, the Kennebec County emergency management official, said he has not received any such reports so far this summer.

Ed Bowie, owner of Bowie Bros. Well Drilling in Farmingdale, said he hypervenom nike cleats has received three calls this summer from homeowners whose wells have been losing pressure. It a particular risk for homeowners who have shallow wells, as opposed to those drilled hundreds of feet into where can i get cheap soccer cleats bedrock, Bowie said.

guys who depend on rainfall are hurting, he said. Bowie said he received no reports of wells losing pressure last summer.

But Ted Rolfe, who runs the Rolfe Well Drilling company and often partners with Bowie on projects, downplayed the current risks to local well owners.

people in Maine conserve water anyhow, he said. those people who don water their grass, and they only use water inside the house for domestic issues, you shouldn have any issue at all. You just don want to where can i get cheap soccer cleats fill the swimming pool or run the hose for hours. also not clear when the dry spell will break.

pattern that we in has been a dry pattern, generally speaking, said Bob Marine, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service forecast station in Gray. don really foresee any major changes in that. received just 1.96 inches of rain in July, according to meteorological data collected at the Augusta State Airport. That down 43 percent from the monthly average of 3.42 inches, Marine noted.

Portland averages 3.61 inches of rain in July, but received just 1.7 inches this year.

While a round of precipitation can be expected every few days, including one this weekend, Marine went on, hard to predict any kind of where can i get cheap soccer cleats major (rainstorm) all the way to September. of the purpose of Thursday meeting will be for emergency planning officials to hear long range weather forecasts and determine what steps to take if things remain dry, Goodwin said. Depending on the discussion, hypervenom nike cleats state emergency management officials could issue a warning about the dry conditions, he said.

In the event of area wells running dry, Goodwin said, officials also will discuss potential alternate sources of water. In the past, some Kennebec County residents who have lost their water have gone to nearby fire departments that are on a municipal water supply.

can make it rain, he said. rain dance just doesn work, but you can take what resources you have and just use them more wisely. departments also will be on guard against dry conditions heading into the fall, when vegetation starts dying and the fire risk becomes greater, Goodwin said hypervenom nike cleats.

Native Touch Arona Petersen Has Been Called A Symbol Of The Best Of The Old

Native Touch Arona Petersen Has Been Called A Symbol Of The Best Of The Old

Nike football boots kids soccer shoes sale time Virgin Islands, kids soccer shoes sale With Their Patchwork History And Common sense Values. Virgin Islands, the days of slaving ships, sugar cane plantations and pirates, Caribbean cuisine had many masters: Danish, English, French, Spanish. All kids soccer shoes sale threw their influence into the melting pot a pot that was nike football boots stirred by African slaves. Thomas homeland. They would have what was picked from the garden. When a pig was killed they got a certain part. They took what they had and combined it with what they had learned in the kitchen of their mistress. If she was French, they used her French style of cooking or Spanish or Danish.

But the seasonings, the herbs and spices, were strictly of the islands. It started with them, but it ended with us, she says, referring to her African heritage. After the old cooks got through with (a recipe), the mistress wondered if it was the same thing. It tasted so different and, I would say, much better.

From these roots, the food kids soccer shoes sale and culture of the Virgin Islands grew, influenced by native Indians, African slaves and waves of Europeans who sailed into St. Thomas beautiful harbor for safety and provisions. Today, the eclectic native food reflects the patchwork history of the islands. And Petersen has been not only an observer but also a contributor to that history.

She nike football boots is a symbol of the best of the old time Virgin Islands, says Penny Feuerzeig, executive editor of The Daily News of the Virgin Islands, with its good sense of values, its down to earth common sense, its acceptance of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and its willingness to accept change, both external and internal.

Change has been a common thread running throughout Petersens life. She has had many careers, lived many places, traveled much and always felt at home wherever she was, including Fort Lauderdale. In 1988, she moved to Willowwood retirement community here. Although she loves her homeland and treasures her island roots, she considers herself a child of the universe.

So I feel just as much at ease here as I would in any other place.

She chose South Florida because the climate is similar to the islands. I heard about these retirement homes, and I thought it would be just right for me. Ive gotten up in age and I needed the comfort that this would bring.

Although the physical limitations of aging have forced lifestyle changes, they havent slowed her much. In fact, Petersen is introducing her third book, The Food Folklore of the Virgin Islands (Romik Inc. Virgin Islands.

Its an assignment that comes naturally to her. Born in St. Thomas in 1908, Petersen began cooking at the age of 12 in her mothers kitchen in Santo Domingo. During her long and varied culinary career she worked as a cook at Fort Buchanan Army base in Puerto Rico, served as fountain manager in a New York department store, and owned and operated two popular restaurants in St. Thomas.

In her mid 60s, after closing her second restaurant, known locally as The House with the Green Roof, Petersen began writing a newspaper column. The popular feature, written in phonetic island dialect, was often a running dialogue among three gossiping market women, Miah, Stella and Melda, who bemoaned the passing of the old ways: Hey Miah. You notice tings change so bad people doan talk like how dey use to longago?

The feature was conceived as a food column, but it was so laced with political and social commentary, it was moved to the editorial page. However, it remained a forum for Petersens recipes. Interspersed with her slice of life commentary were recipes for her specialties, such as Bull Foot Soup, Asparagus Pudding, Kallaloo (a spicy soup made from okra, greens and fish), and Herring Gundy (a mixture of mashed potatoes, vegetables and salt herring). Her recipes reflect the multiethnic influences on the cooking of the Caribbean.

It was her interest in the African roots of island cooking that led her in the early 70s on a lone odyssey through Central and South America, as well as throughout the Caribbean. During her travels she found a strong African link among the various cuisines, especially in the use of herbs and spices kids soccer shoes sale nike football boots.

Michael Symon’s Blue Cheese Stuffed Turkey Breast

Michael Symon’s Blue Cheese Stuffed Turkey Breast

Magista shoes avoiding gluten can feel like a death sentence for your favorite guilty pleasures. However, a gluten free diet doesn’t have to be about limitations, in fact it can lead to ridiculously delicious new menu options.

Stock Up on Flavor

Keep your pantry stocked with gluten versions of tamari, Hoisin sauce, vegan Worcestershire sauce, veggie magista shoes broth, and hot sauces, suggests Chef Kevin Savoy of MAX’s Wine Dive in Denver. “Use and exploit the toppings and flavors that are gluten free such as hummus, guacamole, and salsa, says Savoy. The key to keep it simple is by focusing on whole, naturally gluten free foods and use a variety of fresh herbs to boost flavor and color in your dishes, he says.

RELATED: Steven Rinella’s Guide to Cooking Wild Game

Subbing for Gluten

“I love to use chickpea flour, and have been using it long before gluten free began to happen. It is so nutty, says the executive chef at Bookstore Bar Caf Caprial Pence. “When you use it in a batter for deep frying things like fried chicken, it stays so crispy. I take it and add water and baking soda, then dip veggies and chicken wings and fry them, and they are so crisp and stay crisp longer than when I use flour. Chickpea flour also makes a really great crepe called a socca, says Pence. Cauliflower is another great substitute for color and crunch, Savoy says.

Baking Without Gluten

There are many flours that do not contain gluten (including bean, rice, potato, tapioca, quinoa, sorghum, etc.), though generally you will get the best results from a blend of several of these, says Austin based Wheatsville’s Deli Coordinator Lisa magista shoes Weems. “There are numerous gluten free flour blends on the market, for both all purpose baking and for specific applications. Be aware that some of these flours contain dairy derivatives, so if you are vegan or avoiding lactose, read the ingredients! If milk is present, it will be listed as an allergen. There are also multiple recipes magista shoes online to create your own gluten free flour blends, says Weems, who explains gluten’s function in baking is to strengthen and bind doughs; therefore, most gluten free flours require the addition of a binding agent. “The most commonly used is xanthan gum. For bread and pizza dough recipes, use 1 tsp per cup of gluten free flour; for muffins, quick breads, and bar cookies, 1/2 tsp per cup; for cookies, a scant 1/2 tsp per cup. Your chosen blend of gluten free flour may have specific recommendations, says Weems.

“Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving! For a gluten free main course that melts in your mouth, try my Stuffed Turkey Breast with Castello Traditional Danish Blue Cheese. Set aside.

Place the turkey breast, skin side down, on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife, begin to butterfly the thickest part of the breast not slicing through completely, but opening the meat like a book. Place a large piece of plastic wrap on top and cheap soccer cleats on sale pound out the meat into an even thickness all the way across. Remove the plastic wrap and make shallow cross hatch marks in the flesh. This will allow the seasoning to penetrate the meat further.

Season the meat well with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, then pour all of the shallot mixture on. Spread out in an even layer, leaving a small border around the edges and press it in well. Next, spread the Castello Traditional Danish Blue Cheese Crumbles over the top in an even layer, also pressing it in. Roll the meat all the way up in jellyroll fashion leaving the seam side down. Tie firmly 1 1/2 inches apart with butcher’s twine. Once the turkey has been tied, season the outside of it all around with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Place the turkey, seam side down, in a shallow baking dish that has been lightly sprayed with. Drizzle some olive oil over the top and place it in the oven, cooking uncovered for 45 minutes.

Remove the turkey from the oven and baste it with the juices in the bottom of the pan. Place it back in the oven, to cook uncovered for another 20 minutes, or until the turkey reaches 165 on a meat thermometer magista shoes cheap soccer cleats on sale.

Minneapolis City Pages January 28

Minneapolis City Pages January 28

Nike mens soccer cleats minnesota Made offers everything from private goalie lessons to elite AAA teams for those who want to “improve their nike magista onda skills in the ultimate team sport, says the company’s president, Bernie McBain.

But what’s really being sold is the prospect of stardom. National Team jerseys. They include NHLers Kyle Okposo and Erik Johnson, both members of Minnesota Made’s first AAA team.

They’re known as the “The 88s, a group of players born in 1988 that includes McBain’s son Jamie, who now plays for the Los Angeles Kings. They were “the inspiration to build the arena you find yourself standing in now, says the elder McBain.

Eight NHL draft picks rose from that team. Eleven received Division I college scholarships. This is where Minnesotans groom their kids to be the next big thing.

All it takes is dreams, hours and hours of nike mens soccer cleats work, and breezers full of cash.

On a December night, skates costing the equivalent of rent on a studio apartment in Loring Park chew up the ice.

Preschool lessons start at $280. A clinic with former Gopher goalie Adam Hauser runs $495. The price per hour of his undivided attention: $95.

“I often get accused of being a businessman, says McBain. “Let’s not kid ourselves. Hockey is and has always been a business,

At Minnesota Made, that business includes some 40 AAA teams. The price for a roster spot depends on competition, ice time, nike magista onda and tournaments. But it begins at $1,200 and doubles from there.

McBain nike mens soccer cleats came to these fees the hard way, starting as a volunteer, then glacially transforming himself into the hockey impresario of the southern suburbs.

“I was coaching before my son even started playing hockey, he says. “When he started playing, I decided to hold a hockey clinic. That one became six, which became eight. That was 22 years ago,

He preaches the mantra that “Real hockey players aren’t born. They’re made, And it wouldn’t hurt the manufacturing process if you signed up for the $475 stickhandling clinic.

It’s a long way from Minnesota’s traditional method of rearing hockey players: pick up games on ponds and rough outdoor rinks, played in used and abused equipment and skates handed down from an older cousin.

These days, the cost of gear alone runs nike magista onda about $700.

“It’s outrageous, says John Bianchi, a former assistant coach at Bloomington Jefferson. “The costs of playing hockey have become outrageous,

Late on a Saturday in Blaine, Cory Sprague plays at 5:30. His sister Madison hits the ice at 7.

Mom Patsy Sprague has never done the math. She can only guesstimate hockey’s annual uppercut to the family budget. But the numbers are jaw dropping.

The Spragues moved from California to White Bear Lake four years ago to provide a bump to Cory’s nike mens soccer cleats hockey career. Emerson Prep Academy, a hockey intensive private school in North St. Paul, where tuition runs about $15,000 a year.

She guesses the family spends another $3,000 probably more on travel, summer camps, and equipment.

Tim Poehling knows of parents who’ve taken out loans to bankroll dreams. One family depleted an inheritance to develop the ultimate youth player.

Poehling, whose three sons play for Lakeville North, will spend $6,000 this year on sticks alone.

Bob Baer prefers not to think about these soaring red numbers. He’s among the new breed of hockey parent willing to spare nothing to see his kid’s potential fulfilled. He has a lingering fantasy about how he’ll recoup the costs.

Baer’s son Alec, who left St. Louis Park to play for the Vancouver Giants in the Western Hockey League (WHL), is projected as a high NHL draft pick.

“Maybe I’ll start totaling up the costs when Alec signs his first contract, says Bob.

Alec Baer chose to buck the State of Hockey’s traditional development path, which runs from high school to college before pro considerations are entertained. He became a teenage pro in the WHL, where hockey receives his undivided attention nike mens soccer cleats.

Poland is leading the way for England’s schools

Poland is leading the way for England’s schools

Nike youth soccer cleats nike Mercurial Superfly the Coalition’s school reforms have been inspired by Poland, the Education Secretary has said after new figures suggested that immigrant children are outperforming poor British pupils.

Nicky Morgan disclosed that the renewed focus on core academic subjects for all children has been influenced by the approach in Poland, which has jumped up international rankings in the past decade.

A separate report published last year suggested that cities with large numbers of immigrant children produce better GCSE results than the rest of the country because pupils work harder.

Highlighting the Coalition’s reforms in a speech in London yesterday, Mrs Morgan said: “As exam results in England soared ever higher, our international performance was stagnating, with other countries overtaking us in rankings like the PISA survey.

“We knew we needed to make urgent changes and looked to the world leading education systems for inspiration. We saw that they shared some key features: high levels of autonomy, accountability and aspiration as well as a strong focus on teacher quality.

“We saw that the results of countries like Germany and Poland had improved massively following moves to ensure that all their pupils studied core academic subjects, regardless of whether they went on to an academic or vocational path,

Poland has overhauled its education system over the past decade and gone from being below average in the OECD group of economies to being among the top 10 nations for reading and Nike Mercurial Superfly science, and top 15 for maths. Pupils attain nike youth soccer cleats higher scores on international tests than Britain in both reading and maths.

Under the reforms in Poland, pupils spend more time studying core subjects and vocational study has been delayed until they are 16.

The Coalition echoed the changes in new national curriculum announced last year which has a greater focus on core subjects and more exacting standards.

One education source said: “Polish parents who come to the UK say they cannot believe how easy the national curriculum is compared to what they are used to,

According to the OECD, the performance of Britain’s schools failed to improve significantly between 2000 and 2012.

The report found that overall UK is nike youth soccer cleats ranked just 26th out of 63 nations for its performance in maths as it lags behind countries in the Far East.

Andreas Schleicer, the OECD director of education and skills, said: “The UK has pretty much been flat in terms of learning outcomes at least until 2012, despite a very significant increase in spending.

“Spending on reducing class sizes is not a Nike Mercurial Superfly very promising way to invest on better outcomes. The best education systems have put their money squarely on the quality of teaching. ”

He said that the UK should be doing much more to check what difference education reforms make to children’s lives.

Around the world, trillions of dollars are spent on education policies, but just one in 10 are actually evaluated, according to new research by the Organisation for Economic Co operation Nike Mercurial Superfly and Development (OECD).

The OECD’s research also warns that the UK has some policies such as grouping pupils by ability in class, and giving families choice over schools, that could “hinder equity” meaning they may not help to create an equal school system for all pupils Nike Mercurial Superfly.

Memorial Service for Accounting Professor Don Etnier

Memorial Service for Accounting Professor Don Etnier

Nike Tiempo Legend FG mercurial nike university of Wisconsin Eau Claire

College of Business

A memorial service for Donald E. Etnier, professor emeritus mercurial nike of accounting, will be held Saturday, July 18 at First Lutheran Church, 105 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire, WI. A visitation will be held from 9:30 11 am with a service to follow at 11 am.

Remembering Accounting Professor Don Etnier, Feb. 4, 2015:

Donald E. Etnier, 79, died Monday, February 2, 2015 at home surrounded by family. He died of metastatic prostate cancer and dementia.

Don was born July 17, 1935 in St. Cloud, MN to Raymond E. and Alice L. (Steindorf) Etnier. He grew up in Watertown, MN. Army for two years. Upon returning to the University of Minnesota for a master’s degree, he met the love of his life, Janet L. Pearson, and they married on September 11, 1960 in Story City, IA.

In the master’s program, Don also discovered his love of teaching. After completing his CPA by working three years at a Big 8 accounting firm, he devoted his professional life to college students. He began at Arkansas State University in 1963 and in 1966 moved to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (UWEC), where he was an accounting faculty member in the new School of Business. In 1986, he was awarded the UWEC Excellence in Teaching award. military bases in Germany and at California Lutheran University. Students across the decades have remarked at how Don taught accounting principles so clearly and filled the classrooms with laughter. He was also active in state and local accounting organizations.

Don volunteered frequently in the community. While he moved across the political spectrum from being an Eisenhower Republican to a Joe Bee Xiong/Obama Democrat, he donated his time and skills to many non partisan organizations including First Lutheran Church and the Ager Association. After working with college students, he took great pleasure reading with and to first and second grade students at Lakeshore School for 17 years.

Don’s jokes and sense of humor were legendary. He delighted in practical mercurial nike jokes that didn’t hurt anyone.

In his personal life, he enjoyed travel to six of the seven continents and to all 50 states skiing, hiking, gaming, running, camping, canoeing, baseball, and singing. But nothing compared when, at 74, he was blessed with the Nike Tiempo Legend FG first of two grandchildren, Easton Donald, followed by Raya Louise. Little did he realize the best name was Bestefar (“grandfather” in Norwegian). mercurial nike He delighted in reading and roughhousing with them.

At the end, when he often could no longer find the words to express anything else, Don could still say “thank you” to those around him and did so frequently. He showed kindness and graciousness to all he met.

Don is survived by his wife of 54 years, Jan Etnier; children Carlton M. Etnier of East Montpelier, VT and Lynn L. Becher Etnier with daughter in law Lisa Becher Etnier of Madison, WI; grandchildren, Easton and Raya Becher Etnier; brother and sister in law David A. Etnier and Elizabeth L. (Lewis) Etnier, of Knoxville, TN; sister in law Mary (Pearson) Hoff of Northfield, MN; and five nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by brother in law Jerome P. Hoff of Northfield, MN.

A memorial service will be held July 18 at First Lutheran Church, 105 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire, WI. A visitation will be held from 9:30 11 am with a service to follow at 11 am. Don has donated his body to the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine for anatomy instruction; he will continue teaching, even in death.

In lieu of flowers, please send any memorial donations to the First Lutheran Church Malawi Medical Clinic Project, 1005 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54703; Beaver Creek Reserve, S1 County Road K, Fall Creek, WI 54742; or the Don Etnier Memorial Fund at the UW Eau Claire Foundation, 115 Garfield Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701 mercurial nike.