Three Techniques To Tie A Scarf In 2010

Three Techniques To Tie A Scarf In 2010

Nike high top soccer cleats as you know, scarves are not only for females exclusively, but also a attractive fashion piece for gentlemen. Men are getting more and more used to expressing their fashion preference with a wonderful designer scarf. Even the same scarf, you might get a distinctive look when you have a distinctive way to tie it. Three preferred means to tie a man scarf are outlined here as your reference.

Vogue is concerning combining the most current types and styles of elements and clothes in your wardrobe and making them a part of you. Designer scarves are one this sort of accessory that might be worn together with your garments and make you appear trendy. These are not only a part of females addons but are preferred cr7 2017 shoes as men fashion components also. In the event that you are a man and like nike high top soccer cleats being dressed in designer scarves then you might commit in certain excellent scarves which are available at a lot of shops. But nike high top soccer cleats metro sexual men have the alternative to adorn their scarves in different approaches that might make them appear cool. In addition to the traditional drape, there are now brandnew and inspiring methods cr7 2017 shoes by that you might put on scarf currently. You might put on them in the shape of knots just like Parisian knot or simply drape it around your neck loosely. In order to try out these different styles, ensure that you choose a long scarf as it is painless to try these styles with them.

These are some of the methods that might enable you learn about how to tie a scarf and might make you appear cool. When choosing scarf ensure that it satisfies with your clothing and is of great length.

It you want something more masculine then you might go with the Parisian Knot design. For this type you will need to fold your scarf in half, lengthwise. Then drape the folded scarf around your neck and insert one end through the loop that is there at the other end of the scarf. It is best to consider long designer scarf for this type since if the nike high top soccer cleats scarf is short then you could not be able to drape it around thoroughly.

One additional stylish approach of sporting these men fashion addons is by draping it loosely around your neck. You might simply get a long scarf and drape it around your neck once or two times and allow both the ends to hang towards the front side.

For a more cool and metro sexual look you might put on your designer scarves in the kind of a modern knot. In this you will need to wrap the scarf around your neck and then tie the ends at the back of your neck. Towards your front, allow the scarf to hang loosely to your upper body. It is certainly one of the smartest methods to put on your scarf. It is best to choose a thin textile scarf for this style since it presents a much better look and feel nike high top soccer cleats.

Thiamine Cancer

Thiamine Cancer

Where to buy soccer shoes thiamine, also called vitamin B1, is a watersoluble vitamin that can be synthesized by your body naturally and used in several biochemical processes essential to the health and maintenance of various body tissues. Thiamine can also be found in some foods, especially lentils, peas, rice and some animal sources, as well as in some vitamin supplements. Thiamine as it relates to cancer is controversial, with some studies indicating thiamine supplementation may help prevent certain cancers, and others suggesting that it may increase cancer cell proliferation. Talk with your doctor before using a thiamine supplement, especially if you have any form of cancer or have a history of cancer in your family.

Negative Effects on CancerAccording to a 2001 study published in “European Journal of Biochemistry, researchers acknowledge that a thiamine deficiency is often observed in patients suffering from cancer, and that thiamine supplementation is used to correct this deficiency. However, the researchers discovered that supplementation with thiamine may significantly increase the rate of tumor growth through the activation of transketolase, a cofactor involved in cell replication. However, the researchers also found that supplementing with 2,500 times the recommended dietary allowance of thiamine can actually inhibit tumor growth by unexplained mechanisms that warrant more research.

Positive Effects for Cancer PatientsChemotherapy treatment for cancer may cause a thiamine deficiency, which can have adverse health effects, including lactic acidosis, according to a 1998 study in the where to buy soccer shoes “Journal of Neurosurgery, Thiamine is used during chemotherapy to treat a deficiency and to counteract some negative effects of the treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, thiamine helps your body produce energy and enzymes that have positive effects on your nerves, heart and muscles, which may all be adversely affected during chemotherapy.

RecommendationsAccording to a 1998 article published by the journal “AntiCancer Research, the investigators recommend that thiamine should be used in a limited fashion in treating cancer. Supplying cancer patients with smaller amounts of thiamine than hypervenom junior boots previously administered may both help correct a thiamine deficiency and reduce the risk of tumor growth, but more research needs to be conducted to determine the exact relationship between where to buy soccer shoes thiamine and cancer.

Linus Pauling Institute; Thiamine; Jane Higdon; 2002

“European Journal where to buy soccer shoes advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the hypervenom junior boots advertisements are served by third party advertising companies where to buy soccer shoes hypervenom junior boots.

Top Baby Boutique Designers for Fall 2011

Top Baby Boutique Designers for Fall 2011

Soccer turf shoes with the changing of the color of leaves and the change of temperature comes several new soccer turf shoes baby clothes fashion designs and hip kid clothes styles. No need to feel overwhelmed by all the new designers and styles this fall. Just pick your favorite fashions and designs to add to your baby clothes closet this season. Here are some of our favorite designers for the fall and what they have to offer:

Halabaloo: Halabaloo is a designer with sophisticated styles and looks. Their dresses for this fall are all about taking classic looks and making them even more stylish for little girls. For example, the Halabaloo Sweater Heart Dress With Bow takes the classic sweater dress and makes it perfect for little girls by adding hearts all over and by having a cute, oversized bow on top.

Baby Sara: Baby Sara is a chic baby clothes designer. This designer has two gorgeous dresses available for the fall season. One of the dresses the Baby Sara Party Time Sequin Dress is an excellent choice for soccer turf shoes New Years celebrations, as well as other special occasions and birthdays. This pretty dress is top baby boutique quality with its ruffled flowers and subtle use of pretty sequins.

Giggle Moon: Giggle Moon’s trendy baby clothes nike hypervenom studs are always fun and unique. They use fun patterns and pretty colors to make very trendy fashions. Just look at the Giggle Moon Jenny Tutu Dress. This cute dress combines the fun fashion of tutus with the popular damask pattern. They have several cute items for little girls and infants. Giggle Moon also has a beautiful coat that will go great with any outfit. The Giggle Moon Madison Minky Coat will keep little ones looking fashionable while still keeping them warm.

Isobella and Chloe: Isobella and Chloe are another trendy baby clothes designer that has comfortable and sophisticated wear for infants and toddlers. This fall, they have several adorable blouse and legging sets that are accentuated with a cute tutu. These are perfect for playtime and going nike hypervenom studs out because your little princess will be comfortable while still looking stylish. The Isobella Chloe Lavender Purple Tutu Set is just one of the cute designs available for fall. They have several gorgeous dresses this fall, which are perfect for special occasions and holidays. The Haute Baby Tis The Season Holiday Dress is one example of their luxurious fashions. This dress is a deep red velvet material and soccer turf shoes perfect for priceless winter photos. Haute Baby’s sizes range from infant to size six.

When it comes to which baby clothes and hip kid clothes to order for the upcoming fall season, there are many top baby boutique designers to choose from. All the baby clothes and hip kid clothes designers on Lollipop Moon have excellent designs for back to school, baby gifts, special occasion wear, and even little girl pageants. It is important to place your fall preorders now to ensure that you receive your favorite fall fashions in the size your little one needs.

Check Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique for even more baby clothes designers with adorable and chic fall lines soccer turf shoes.

Stanley Kubrick person

Stanley Kubrick person

Nike turf soccer shoes on March 7, 1999, Stanley Kubrick died in his home in England, at the age of 70.

Kubrick left an indelible mark on the film industry, and yet, among the general population, who has greatly benefited from the fruits of his labor, his death went unnoticed, overshadowed by Joe DiMaggio’s, only one day later.

And if you think you haven’t seen any of Kubrick’s films, or just a few popuplar ones, you have. At least their influences. If you’ve ever seen “The Simpsons, you’ve seen every one of these films.

Remember the time Homer rides the missile, bombing the hippies? That’s Dr. Strangelove.

Remember Homer in space, when he flies around in the shuttle cabin eating potato chips? It’s right out of 2001.

Remember the episode where Sideshow Bob steals the nuclear weapon at the air show? The actor doing the voice of the general is the drill seargent from Full Metal Jacket and the war room is exactly like the one in Dr. Strangelove.

Every single Halloween episode has made some reference to “The Shining, And in almost every other magista original Simpsons episode, there is some reference to one of Kubrick’s other films.

Hell, Bart even dressed up as Alex from A Clockwork Orange one year.

So what? So Matt Groening likes Kubrick? Who cares?

The reason the references in “The Simpsons” are important is that it shows how much Kubrick’s work has influenced popular culture and how much Kubrick’s ideas have pervaded society.

I have a friend in the military who swears that the characterization of the harsh drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket has become true, as real drill sergeants take magista original their cues from the nike turf soccer shoes film. Obviously, this can’t hold true everywhere, but it is particularly noteworthy magista original because the comparison has become more of, “which came first, the film, or the real thing,

Kubrick’s works have set standards for films and genres therein that continue to hold strongly today. Without A Clockwork Orange, you don’t get films like Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction. The violence Kubrick portrays in A Clockwork Orange set a standard that these later films could nike turf soccer shoes only emulate.

Speaking of Pulp Fiction, did you think that Tarantino’s decision to present the scenes in nonlinear fashion was original? Go see Kubrick’s 1956 release, The Killing. After you see it, you’ll understand that Tarantino isn’t original, he’s actually paying homage to Kubrick and other earlier directors.

Without 2001, released in 1968, and the original “Star Trek” television series, you don’t get films like Close Encounters, Star Wars and even more recent movies like Event Horizon and Starship Troopers. Kubrick’s visual portrayal of space influences all these films.

In each of the subsequent works, you can see ideas that Kubrick first set down in the film still acknowledged as one of the greatest masterpieces nike turf soccer shoes in film history.

Visually, Kubrick’s attention to detail has never been matched. He was notorious for having single shots filmed 70 or more times, just to get it right nike turf soccer shoes magista original.

shirts say about you

shirts say about you

Nike cleats magista hypervenom boots with sock summer is here, and if you are anything like me and my family, you are spending your days in a summer Tshirt and shorts, trying to beat the heat.

Since I am the laundry warrior in my house: I wash, dry and fold my family Tshirts again and again and again. I started to think about what our Tshirts say about us.

My 8yearold son lives in Phillies Tshirts and international soccer jerseys. He could wear a different Phillies shirt every day with a different player name and number on the back. nike cleats magista He has Lee shirts with both numbers 33 and 34 (from the preHalladay days), Halladay number 34, an Oswalt shirt in vintage blue, Utley, Rollins, Howard, Ibanez and the list goes on. His soccer hypervenom boots with sock shirts include Messi, Ronaldinho, Donovan and Le Toux. Luke Tshirt selection reflects his priorities over the summer: baseball, soccer and the Phillies.

My 7yearold daughter wears a variety of Tshirts, but gravitates toward vintagelooking shirts that have Snoopy on them or say something cute like Cream for Breakfast.

Her shirts are playful and colorful, which matches her personality exactly. She also wears shirts from her dance school (Let Dance) and her art school (McArt School). She would wear a piano and violin shirt if she had them. Piper is loyal to her love of the arts and hypervenom boots with sock the places that are helping her develop her talents. Again, her Tshirt selection reflects her budding personality.

My 3year old daughter would wear the same Strawberry Shortcake Tshirt every single day if I let her. At her age, it is more about being stubborn than the actual shirt. Although I must admit, the shirt she obsessed with wearing is cute; it a hip new take on the classic Strawberry Shortcake I grew up with. The character has a cute smile, a little attitude in her body language and is not afraid of mixing stripes, flowers and fruit patterns all at once. All said, the nike cleats magista shirt does hypervenom boots with sock say a lot about my daughter Holly.

As far as what me and my husband wear, our Tshirt selection reflects where we been and what we done. We wear shirts from bike rides we participated in, tourist locations we visited and sporting events we attended.

We both have Phillies, Eagles and Flyers shirts, and my husband has a collection of Tshirts from years of attending Army/Navy games with his dad. We have a few is Good shirts, which were purchased on the Ocean City Boardwalk. My husband wears a collection of shirts that my kids made him that say love Daddy! or Birthday, Daddy! that include their pictures.

I tend to wear a lot of solid tank tops. (Does this mean I am boring? I hope not!) Our Tshirt drawers are overflowing, and we could probably stand to retire a few shirts that sit in the bottom of the drawer and never see the light of day.

As basic as a summer Tshirt is, there is probably nothing more personal in our wardrobes. What other article of clothing actually allows us to broadcast a message, clearly spelled out across our backs or chests? So take a minute and assess your summer Tshirt collection hypervenom boots with sock.

Sexy Nightwear for Women

Sexy Nightwear for Women

Nike superfly cheap flattering your best assets is something that requires no small amount of thought. All women differ in shape and size, which makes it all the more irritating that, occasionally, the world of fashion seems convinced that all women with the same waist size also have the same size of breasts and hips to match. Of course, this is not a universal truth, and some of the best manufacturing in fashion goes on in the world of nightwear. Finding sexy nightwear depends on getting the right garment to flatter your figure something which, in turn, depends on knowing what your best asset is. This may involve being less selfcritical than you would usually be but there is certainly nothing bad about taking the good in a situation.

Sexy nike superfly junior lingerie can have the most incredible effect on a partner. No matter if you see each other every day, you can create a very impressive effect with a garment that accentuates your assets in the right way. Remember that from day to day your partner may very well see you in a range of less than flattering items of clothing you simply cannot do your share nike superfly junior of household chores in sexy lingerie unless you live in a Hollywood fantasy. So making nike superfly cheap the effort at night has an effect that is all the more pronounced for being so different. The nightwear section of the fashion industry is certainly more than adequately catered to, with a range of garments that runs from the reasonably modest to the extremely revealing. Somewhere in between those two is a world of garments that are sexy while being comfortable, alluring while being realistic.

To some people, “sexy nightwear” means a Basque and stilettos. And if you nike superfly cheap are happy enough to wear that then all power nike superfly junior to you it is certainly a potent combination. If, however, you find that this combination is impractical and uncomfortable, there is a whole world beyond that, and some of the items that it caters for are undeniably sexy and welcoming. Items such as baby doll night dresses, for example. Perhaps the most prominent use of baby doll night dresses came during the “grunge” nike superfly cheap era, when singers in “Riot Grrrl” bands would pair a baby doll with heavy boots in a look described as “kinderwhore, and gave lots of men the very conflicting emotions of wanting to get to know the girl better, but fearing they would be kicked to death if they tried. Without the boots, though, a baby doll night dress is one of the most enticing garments soft but still sexy.

There are so many possibilities where sexy lingerie for nighttime wear is concerned. A baby doll, a teddy, or even the simplest of night shirts can be hugely alluring if worn right and with confidence. After all, and this is the most important thing to remember, sexy nightwear without a woman in it is simply material. It is you who makes the nightwear sexy, not the other way round. Different garments for different occasions can also do a wonderful job variety, after all, is the spice of life nike superfly cheap.

Shahi Export plans to double turnover

Shahi Export plans to double turnover

Buy soccer cleats nike mercurial superfly online shopping penny, Target, Abercrombie Fitch and American Eagle.

Yet, Shahi Export House, based in Faridabad, Haryana does this with finesse as it has emerged as one of the largest manufacturerexporters in the country, offering readytowear garments for women, men and children and specialises in home furnishing, even as a majority of garment exporters registered with the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) remain merchantexporters.

The latter, who made a killing during the quota regime prior to 2005, now find the going tough without knowing the design and fashion preferences of the consumers they serve in the overseas markets, while the genuine manufacturerexporters find opportunities opening up to become a supplier to retail stores abroad.

Mr Harish Ahuja, Managing Director of Shahi Exports, is proud that his firm boasts one of the country’s most organised garment manufacturing facilities in buy soccer cleats Delhi and Bangalore and a similar one in Tirupur and Salem in Tamil Nadu for knits and home furnishings.

Vertically integrated firm manufacturing three million high quality woven garments per month and one million knit garments every month, the firm’s monthly capacities in home furnishings are 50,000 drapes, one lakh cushion covers and 20,000 coverlets and quilts and 15,000 duvets and bedcovers.

Stating that since 1998 business had grown from Rs 217 crore to Rs 900 crore now, Mr Ahuja said he had plans buy soccer cleats to boost export turnover to Rs 2,000 crore in five years.

He added that doing business with global players and retail giants had helped Shahi Exports set a scorching pace, which is why, despite the likely slowdown of the US market this year, the company would keep up 20 per cent growth this fiscal too.

Mr Ahuja said his company’s exposure to demanding standards set by retail giants had motivated it to put in place the best technologies and machines right from sampling, pattern making, cutting, sewing, embroidery, washing to finished products in a seamless fashion.

He also said his company had the double benefit of inhouse design departments and studios with modern technology and also nike mercurial superfly online shopping inputs nike mercurial superfly online shopping from bigbox retailers.

Doing business with global players has led to efficient sourcing, cost control and improvement of overall quality/compliance standards with a distinct change in supply chain management domain.

On the fallout of the appreciating rupee visvis the dollar, Mr Ahuja echoed the apprehension he had heard from Tirupur exporters that “this is worse than tsunami,

He said whereas the rupee appreciation was 10 per cent in April 2007 over April 2006, “our competitors such as buy soccer cleats Bangladesh and China suffered a modest appreciation, while other lowcost suppliers such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka had their currencies depreciating against the dollar. What is happening by way of export is purely on entrepreneurial initiative and not by promotion from the Government, buy soccer cleats.

Tie Affair Guide

Tie Affair Guide

Nike mercurial indoor shoes although it’s a festive occasion that most every woman nike mercurial indoor shoes on the planet looks forward to (even if she’s not the bride), weddings are sure to cause some uncertainty in the hearts of unsuspecting men everywhere. In addition to the stress over who to bring as a date and how much to give the bride and groom, comes the dilemma of what to wear.

Don’t you wish you could just step out in your favorite cool pair of jeans, great buttondown shirt and stylish pair of leather slipon sandals? If you’re feeling that way, then I can almost guarantee that the groom would also love to come out in his favorite garb and dine on ribs and fries.

But weddings are formal affairs, and if you’re not going to get all decked out in a tux for this occasion, when else are you going to? Now’s your chance, so enjoy it and enjoy it you will when your date sees how much you resemble James Bond. So hold on to your martini and check out nike mercurial indoor shoes this guide to formalwear.

breaking it down

Let’s start by decoding the wedding invitation, in order to see what kind of event you will be attending:

Black Tie: A is required, and can include more formal s, such as evening tails. Black Tie Invited): A is welcome, but you can also wear a suit. This is a formal/semiformal occasion.

Black Tie Preferred: While you are allowed to wear a suit, the hosts expect you to wear a (wear suit at your own risk).

White Tie: The highest on the formalwear hierarchy. Wear evening tails.

If a formal cheap mercurial superfly occasion doesn’t specify which dress code is required, it’s safe to assume that it falls in the “Black Tie Preferred” category. When in doubt, ask other guests you know or even the hosts of the party before the event. Keep in mind that it’s usually better to be overdressed than underdressed.

your wedding wardrobe

Let’s assume that you’re invited to a blacktie affair. Once you know whom you’re bringing along (unless you want to fly solo and meet the available women at the party), it’s time to get cracking on your wedding wardrobe. Of course, the kind of you’re going to wear has a lot to do with your personal sense of style, but if you’re going the whole nine yards and spending money on a tux, I recommend getting the basics. An evening reception followed by a party usually calls for a classic, sharp, black and white shirt, with either a tie or bowtie (and tails and a white tie for “whitetie” events go figure).

A morning or daytime wedding can call for a gray morning suit cutaway (morning coat that is short in front and long in back) with a striped tie. If wearing a cutaway suit or stroller (semiformal suit jacket), wear black pants nike mercurial indoor shoes without the satin stripe going down the sides, or even gray or gray and black pinstriped pants.

Speaking of the satin stripe going down the side of your trousers, it’s one of the trademarks of the, along with the satin in the lapels of the coat, and shiny, patent leather shoes.

If you are purchasing a, I suggest you go for a classic look, and leave the novelty accessories behind nike mercurial indoor shoes cheap mercurial superfly.

The Tie Dye Fashion

The Tie Dye Fashion

New cristiano ronaldo boots are you ready to be bound by tie dye dresses?

When it comes to fashion, we mostly want to come up with a very fashionable style. From accessories, garments and dresses, we make it a point to be seen by the group and later be one with the gang. That is why, as much as practical we usually wish to be fashionably updated or else we finish up in the shadows, or worse, we become the shadow itself.

Speaking of fashion, a uniquely trendy new cristiano ronaldo boots tie dye dresses is a sure hit in the fashion industry these days. These dresses won’t be as beautiful as other styles of dresses are, but thanks to the unique and inventive process in which they were made and their unique appearance, these tie dye dresses may be employed as a fashion statement and wearing them would make you seem like a living piece of art. What new cristiano ronaldo boots a wonderful compliment!

With this, we’ll take a glance at the process of making tie dye dresses which is named tie dyeing. Tiedye is the practice of dying fabrics by utilizing a specific resist dying process. It’s a strategy in Cheap Soccer Shoes which selected areas of fabric are bound or tied in a specific pattern with rubber bands, clamps, or strings so as to resist color when the material is immersed in a dye bath. Thereafter, dye is then applied to the material not being bound with string or rubber bands. With this, the banded area will withstand the dye, making a certain pattern on the material.

Additionally, making and wearing tie dye dresses has advantages too. These advantages include :

Tie dyeing gets your creative energies flowing. The process may sound simple but in actual fact making it trendy and wonderfully designed depends upon your creativity to think and make a design or a pattern.

Timeless. With the undeniable fact that tie dye dresses never fades, this element of fashion is timeless which means you’ll never be out of fashion wearing this.

Fun surprises. Since each design is always different and one can’t forecast the end result with certainty, the surprise is an element of the excitement. Fold here and there and be shocked with the design you get.

resurrects clothing. Tiedyeing is a good way to give new life to an old or stained tshirt. In other words, this process gives a new face to your old clothes and is also a great way to recycle.

At the end, making tie dye dresses is a skill and any person, even you, can be an artist this way.

However, if you don’t have the resources to make tie dye dresses but would adore to wear it and new cristiano ronaldo boots be regarded as a piece of art, there are a lot of tie dye dresses available on the net and get them at great prices. It doesn’t matter what kind of color you need with tie dye dresses or what designs you want, with the wide variety of tie dye dresses you can find online, you would certainly find what you’re looking for. But thanks to the many online sites out there, finding tie dye dresses at an affordable cost may be timeconsuming if you don’t know where to look new cristiano ronaldo boots.

Starving for a Handbag at Tod’s

Starving for a Handbag at Tod’s

Buy soccer cleats the strangeness began when I arrived at the 8:30 dinner sometime in the vicinity of 8:40 to find that the doors were not open. This was not a fashion show; this was dinner! Aren’t you supposed to be on time for dinner? (When my mother has a dinner party and she tells guests to be there at a certain time, by golly, they better be in their seats at the appointed hour or there is going to be hell to pay if her food gets cold.) To me this was akin to arriving at someone’s home for dinner and having to stand out on the sidewalk until they finished combing their hair. Miss Manners and Mother Givhan would not have been amused.

When the doors opened we headed into a large open space with flashing lights, a bar, a disc jockey platform and various monitors showing behind the scenes footage from the nike soccer shoes 2017 filming of the commercial, which the brand insists on calling a film. I noticed that as the cocktail party wore on and the guests grew restless, the bartenders started pouring bigger and bigger drinks.

I ran into Derek Lam, who designs a readytowear collection for buy soccer cleats Tod’s. buy soccer cleats He’ll be in Paris showing his own collection to international editors. Also chatted up Thakoon Panichgul, who is collaborating nike soccer shoes 2017 on a collection for Hogan, which is part of the Tod’s empire. I congratulated him on having Michelle Obama wear one of his dresses on the night her buy soccer cleats husband accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. He was still giddy from seeing his work on such a big stage, especially because she bought it herself and wasn’t “styled” into it. we were finally seated for dinner. I was ready to swipe the bread from the plates of every person at my table. That’s how hungry I was.

We finally saw the full length commercial, which was modeled after “La Dolce Vita” and featured Gwynnie being chased by papparazzi, losing her bag and having it returned to her by a charming reporter. How nice. The reporter is the hero! There were lots of closeups of the bag, of course. Loving, glorious closeups.

The first course, shrimp on a little puddle of tomato soup, appeared on my plate sometime around 10:30. It was delicious, but meager. If I could have stuck my entire face in the plate and licked the sides I would have done it. I was ready to nike soccer shoes 2017 gnaw on my own arm by this point.

I left before the main branzino course. I had to. There were about 250 people at the party and I needed to get a cab. I had to beat the crowds. While it was an odd evening and more glamorous in theory than in reality, I will say that I admire Diego della Valle he’s Mr. Tod’s and his forthright behavior. The evening was about promoting the brand. There was even a photographer following him around toting a veritable photo studio.

And all was not lost. I got to wear my new gold and silver metallic snakeskin Dolce Gabbana heels that I bought half price! at an outlet on Capri. Yeah, I know. Like I needed to be buying sparkly shoes when the econonmy is tanking. I figure if it gets any worse, their reflected glow will keep me warm this winter buy soccer cleats.